NEWSFLASH: Perfecto Mundo, 9b+ first ascent by Alex Megos

Alex Megos on Perfecto Mundo, 9b+, Margalef, Spain, 159 kb
Alex Megos on Perfecto Mundo, 9b+, Margalef, Spain
© Ken Etzel
Alex Megos has made the first ascent of Perfecto mundo, 9b+, at Margalef, Spain, thereby becoming the third person to climb this grade after Adam Ondra and Chris Sharma.

After the Meiringen bouldering World Cup in mid April, Alex drove straight to Margalef where he "wanted to try some projects".

He worked the old Chris Sharma project together with Sharma himself and Stefano Ghisolfi, who also ended up belaying him on the send go.

On Instagram, Alex says that he is

"...incredibly relieved. This has been an important process in my climbing career and clipping the anchor of "Perfecto Mundo", my first 9b+ as well as getting the FA was an incredible experience.
Thank you to @chris_sharma for bolting this thing and the good sessions over the last couple of weeks and big thanks to my good friend @steghiso for belaying me on the send, for being a big source of motivation and a great inspiration to me."

Alexander Megos is sponsored by: Café Kraft, Entre-Prises, Faza brushes, GORE-TEX, Multicamper Adventure, Patagonia, Red Bull, Sterling Rope, Tenaya and Vertical Life Climbing

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A more detailed interview is on Planet Mountain. "The hard section is about 20 meters long. 45°, with practically no good holds. After the third quickdraw it suddenly becomes really intense. There are about 60 moves,...
Iulian Pobleanu sounds like a very Italian name indeed... :D. Someone is speaking pretty fluent french (native sounding infact) to the guy holding the film camera/cell phone at the start of the film... Also: "allez"...
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To be fair my English is pretty crap too which is far more embarrassing given I have lived here my whole life. But the comment wasn't really saying his English was crap. More so that it made me laugh as it was something...
Sincerely and by own experience: "Allez, allez" sounds way better in similar situation than "go, go" or "anda, anda". The worst case of all would be, that everybody cries what he knows best:  "go, anda, go, anda",...
My congrats to Alex. Also my best wishes to Chris and Stefano - Hope they will tick it soon! Btw: This team is awesome! Just imagine the union of two very connected young machines with similar physical characteristics...

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