Edinburgh Bridge Roof Crack First Ascent by Robbie Phillips

Last weekend, Robbie Phillips stumbled across an impressive hand crack on the underside of a bridge after taking a wrong turn while walking back to his van. The smooth concrete crack takes red and yellow hexes - being too slick for cams - and traverses above Edinburgh's murky Union Canal, but fortunately Robbie was spared from testing the water (unlike one of his friends when a cam ripped!). He has named the line The Troll Toll and graded it E5 6b to create Edinburgh's first urban crack climb.

Robbie says the line is the most sustained roof crack he's ever climbed, feeling harder than Separate Reality 5.12a in Yosemite in addition to being "The best thing [he's] ever found!"

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Robbie is an Edinburgh based climber and coach. He began his career competing, but is better known for his cutting edge ascents on alpine rock, which include becoming the first Briton to climb the infamous...

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11 Feb

I had to check the date there!

We're not trolling you.

Hexes better than cams! Proof at last yea nay sayers.

11 Feb

Looks ace, how deep is the water? ;)

11 Feb

There's a very similar crack under the A55 in North Wales if anyone's interested, it's just outside Tal-Y-Bont, Bangor where the A55 crosses the River Ogwen.....

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