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Ondra falls off a 7a Fri Night Vid

The end of days! Up is down, black is white and Ondra has fallen off a 7a sport route. Twice. The incident was filmed in Croatia at the climbing area of Istria and it's a shocking watch. Later on in the film, Ondra manages to casually onsight a few 8b+ routes, but the memory of the 7a fall must haunt him...

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Adam started climbing at about the same time he learned to walk. He hasn't stopped ever since.

When 8 years old, Adam onsighted routes graded 7b+ (5.12c). At age 13 he climbed his first 9a (5.14d).


Adam's Athlete Page 86 posts 29 videos

14 Feb

Didn’t he fall off La Marie Rose too? Then again, that is absolutely nails.

14 Feb

I just love this video so, so much

15 Feb

But then he climbs at a level where polish probably isn't an issue, so I assume he was caught off-guard! On that same trip he also flashed La Merveille and Gecko Assis :)

15 Feb

I can proudly say I have dropped that very same move twice as well. Never felt so good watching someone falling?! 🤔

15 Feb

Maybe Silence has escaped so far but some very hard routes suffer the same fate as the easier routes. For example Rainman at Malham weighs in at F9b and starts up Raindogs, which is just as polished as the crag warm up.

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