Alex Puccio wins the Tierra Boulder Battle

by Björn Pohl - UKC Apr/2013
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The competitors in the Tierra Boulder Battle 2013, 80 kb
The competitors in the Tierra Boulder Battle 2013

Winner of the Tierra Boulder Battle in Stockholm, Sweden, this year was, for the second time and as always when it comes to after work competitions, Alex Puccio, USA.

In an almost vulgar display of power, Alex managed to climb all the six problems in her first try of the day and is still unbeaten in an after work competition.

Behind Alex, the competition was rather close, and the positions 2-5 all changed on the very last problem. For example, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, who ended up 3rd, was in 2nd place after 5 problems.

This event was great, I think it was the best one I have done so far! An all girl competition: Alex Puccio, Melissa Le Neve, Anja Hodan, Therese Johansson, Matilda Soderland and me. We set boulders, tested them, played around with fancy dress, did photo shoots, took saunas, saw the sights of Stockholm, drank copious amounts of coffee, competed and then partied! It was such a good weekend! I really enjoyed the climbing and was pleased to come in 3rd place in the competition.

After casually cruising the last problem, which was her own, Matilda Söderlund, finished in an impressive 2nd place, so I guess a couple of bouldering World Cups this year isn't totally out of the question.

1. Alex Puccio, USA, 6 tops
2. Matilda Söderlund, SWE, 5 tops
3. Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, GBR, 4 tops
4. Mélissa Le Nevé, FRA, 4 tops
5. Therese Johansen, NOR, 3 tops
6. Anja Hodann, SWE, 1 top

Matilda Söderlund and Alex Puccio, 60 kb
Matilda Söderlund and Alex Puccio

Those of you who missed the live stream can soon watch the replay on

Once again, Sandstones Media was here to make a backstage video. I can promise you something that's way out of the ordinary!

Thanks to everyone involved for making this year's competition a success!

The Tierra Boulder Battle is sponsored by: Tierra, Klättercentret, Naturkompaniet, Mad Rock, Rokodromo, Brunton, Primus, Psyco Art Holds, Aloma Naprapati and Loop Holds

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