UKC SPECIAL: Indian Face Top Trumps!

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Sep/2013
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Johnny Dawes Top Trump, 170 kb

Loads of Indian Face Content Coming Up on UKC!

September is here and summer is drawing to a close. It has been a wonderful year for British rock climbing, with dry crags, a warm breeze and some significant ascents... and about time too - the last three years have been an awful wash-out.

To celebrate all that is best about British summer, for the next two weeks we have a full schedule here at, with our Indian Face Special!

We have interviews with the seven ascensionists of this, the UK's first E9, with exclusive articles, first hand accounts, and even a web VIDEO EXCLUSIVE of Dave MacLeod leading the route courtesy of Hotaches Productions.

For the next two weeks look out for the daily update on the Indian Face, starting tomorrow with an exclusive article from Johnny Dawes himself: 'Facing The Indian'. We are going in chronological order, working through all the seven climbers and their ascents of this remarkable and iconic climb.

The Indian Face was the first route graded E9 in the UK (therefore the world) and was climbed by legend Johnny Dawes back in 1986. It maintains its reputation as a terrifying lead to this day. Ascents were few and far between, and then with the warm weather of this year came three ascents in a week - sparking this end of summer special on UKC.

To kick off this extravaganza, we have some fun Top Trumps style cards of the seven ascensionists - check them out here:

George Ullrich Top Trump, 195 kb Dave MacLeod Top Trump, 152 kb
James McHaffie Top Trump, 162 kb Nick Dixon Top Trump, 159 kb
Calum Muskett Top Trump, 158 kb Neil Gresham Top Trump, 160 kb
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This has been read 12,707 times