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The UK has one of the most iconic climbing scenes in the world.  For such a small island we have 'held our end up' with creating great climbing legends, athletes and of course routes.  

If you speak to any climber, anywhere in the world and mention the U.K. you will hear two things, Sheffield and The Peak District.  These are the two most famous things about the U.K. climbing scene.  

Gritstone has earned the title of "God's Own Rock" amongst those who've climbed it.  A precious relic of climbing history found across the North of England (and not just the Peak). Offering high friction on technical forms, shaped by a millennia of wind and rain.

Well, we have now captured the essence of this amazing rock type in plastic.  Our shaping team have grown up on Gritstone and having the workshop actually in Sheffield and then climbing regularly after work, the feel of this set of holds is really authentic and captures the wildness and brings it indoors.

Having featured extensively in 5 IFSC Lead World Cups and with a few pebbles making the best international climbers fall off in 2 of the IFSC Boulder World Cups, the return of the 'real rock' hold is here.

With a great range of colours, all 'in stock' in the UK already, you can get the UK's best rock experience right here in your gym.

20 Dec, 2022

These look great to me. The opposite of the modern comp style.

I wonder if they are so realistic that the pebbles occasionally snap off when you stand on them, or where the holds look like a nice break from below - but when you get there, they're just slopers in disguise?

20 Dec, 2022

And are they sometimes razor-sharp so when you pull on them your finger tips pop like squeezed grapes?

18 Jan, 2023

If you ask foreigners about climbing in the uk the 2 things they say is actually trad climbing/ethics and small crags in my personal experience. Very few of them actually know Sheffield as a place and even less would know where it is in the uk!

18 Jan, 2023

The holds looks really good though. I might even invest in some.

19 Jan, 2023

Yes, but if they have heard of a specific venue, it is most often Ben Nevis.

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