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Soul Deep

Soul Deep

In the heart of Soulsville in south Memphis, Tennessee, a revolution is happening. And it all starts with climbing. This is the story of Memphis Rox, a climbing gym that has transcended the classic model of business. With a “pay what you can” approach, Memphis Rox is more than a gym, and bigger than climbing. It’s a glimpse into the future where a climbing gym can become a crucible for diversity, inclusivity and community.

28 Nov, 2020

What a beautiful, inspiring little film. I've rarely seen such a great example of how climbing can benefit a community and why increasing diversity within our sport matters.

29 Nov, 2020

Agree, we need more climbing vids and projects like this. Beautifully shot, and excellent inspiring example of what a climbing wall can do for a community. I hope it gives more gyms ideas of what they can do.

13 Dec, 2020

The Black Ice feature in this years Reel Rock 15 is an absolute must watch in my opinion.

It's by far the most powerful and meaningful film in the collection this year, probably of all the years so far.

Everyone should see these films, go watch them.

13 Dec, 2020

It does look really interesting - I might need to cough up and buy a virtual ticket! :)

There was a short interview with Malik Martin on Epic TV the other day - with some clips from the film as well

14 Dec, 2020

As the article doesn't seem to link them;

Memphis Rox's website;

Their donation page;

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