Changabang and the Mirrors of a Repetition

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Changabang and the Mirrors of a Repetition

Changabang and the Mirrors of a Repetition

Should alpinists who set out to climb a face feel any less joy or pain than the first ascensionists? Shouldn't they have reason to feel the same apprehension, pride, and doubt? In spite of its modest altitude (6,864 m), the summit of Changabang, hidden in the Indian Himalaya, has seen few visitors but has already been the scene of far too many dramas. Each ascent of the mountain has been an epic feat, and making an alpine style ascent of the north face is an unprecedented challenge. The three alpinists from the French High Mountain Military Group had only a very short weather window during which they could attempt to conquer this thousand meter vertical wall. Their adventure provides the opportunity to explore questions about what pushes humans to face the dangers and maledictions of a mountain.


25 Dec, 2020

Brilliant film.

26 Dec, 2020

More of this.

26 Dec, 2020

wasn't this posted a few weeks ago? I enjoyed watching it & I'm sure it was as a link from here .

26 Dec, 2020

I think someone posted in in the expedition and alpine forum. Brilliant film, stunning effort.

27 Dec, 2020

That was really excellent, although it was spoiled a bit by the philosophical crap.

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