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#RespectTheRock - The Countryside Code

From a young age we're all told to 'follow the countryside code'; however I am sure that a great many of us don't actually know what the code itself is. If we uphold a basic level of respect for the environment and the people within it we don't necessarily need to either; but recent events - including the sad story of Whitehouses - call for a...


Beginner's Bouldering - How to get started

UKC Editor Jack Geldard takes any would-be boulderer through the basics. What is bouldering? How to get started? What kit is needed? Where to go? All the answers, plus inspirational photographs from the UKC User galleries.

Use your feet!

You've got as many of them as you have hands - so why are so many people rotten at using their feet? And how can you use them better? Let Charles Arthur tell you .. it might even improve your climbing.

Become A Better Climber /

Become A Better Climber Training to Become a Better Climber - Part 2

This is the second piece in a series of training articles and is aimed at low to intermediate climbers (Approximate grade range of around UK Severe to HVS, Sport grade F5 to 6b or bouldering grade V1 / UK Tech 5c). With a specific training plan,...

Top Ten Tips for Improving your Bouldering Grade

Bouldering is viewed by many as climbing in its purest, most elemental form, the beauty of this being the ease at which you can practice and enjoy climbing without the hassle of excessive gear ??" be it indoors or out. Additionally, as a discipline...

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