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Technique - Use of the Toe

In this article, Neil Gresham examines the main ways to use the toe. Most will know the basic definitions, so instead he focusses on common errors and key tips for improvement.


How To Avoid Ticks and Lyme Disease

Ticks have arguably the most dangerous bite to humans of any species in the British Isles, says first aid expert Helen Howe. Why? Two words: Lyme disease. Walkers and climbers are at real risk, so here's how to avoid it.

Ten Tips For Bouldering Outdoors

In this article, Dave Flanagan gives 10 tips on how to improve your bouldering experience when venturing outdoors for the first few times. 

Top Ten Tips for Improving your Bouldering Grade

Bouldering is viewed by many as climbing in its purest, most elemental form, the beauty of this being the ease at which you can practice and enjoy climbing without the hassle of excessive gear ??" be it indoors or out. Additionally, as a discipline...

Ten Top Tips for Buying Rock Shoes

In this article we look at tips and hints for buying rock shoes / rock boots. The tips and advice are aimed primarily at beginners, but some are also useful for experienced climbers. The article also contains links to our UKC rock shoe reviews and gives...

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