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Start Climbing Outside What gear do you need to Boulder outdoors?

There's an old saying in bouldering that 'all you need is a pair of shoes.' You might get away with that indoors but when you head outside, things are a little different. Rob Greenwood runs us through the absolute essentials you'll need for bouldering outside to take care of yourself and the rock.


Ten Top Tips for Buying Rock Shoes

5 Things to Improve Your Bouldering

Become A Better Climber Training to Become a Better Climber - Part 2


Start Climbing Outside Bouldering outdoors for the first time

Whilst there are many similarities between climbing indoors and outdoors, there are a lot of differences too, and it's worth being aware of these before you head out onto real rock for the first time. There's a whole myriad of things ...

Psychological Skills for Climbing - Analysing Strengths and Weaknesses

Dr Rebecca Williams, performance psychology coach and consultant clinical psychologist, shares a chapter from her upcoming book Climb Smarter: Mental Skills and Techniques for Climbing. Part and parcel of setting...

UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab Down Jackets Explained

Rachael and Rob explain the pros and cons of using down jackets, what features to look out for, and the fit.

Strength-Based Yoga and its Benefits for Climbing

Climber, yoga teacher and wellbeing coach Tiffany Soithongsuk outlines the transformational benefits of...

Camping Environmental Etiquette - the dos and don'ts on hills and crags

From fires and litter to traffic and transport, Carla Broom examines the ways that walkers and climbers...

How to Get Back to Grips with Climbing Post-Lockdown

As we return to outdoor and indoor climbing following a long lay-off, our physical and mental state...

Ballet Exercises for Climbers

Professional dancer and keen climber Rosie Mackley shares some ballet drills that can help to improve your coordination,...

Can Watching Climbing Videos Improve your Skills? What Science Suggests

The Female Climber Series The Female Climber Series Part 3 - Strength and Endurance Training in the Luteal Phase

The Female Climber Series The Female Climber Series Part 2 - Optimising Strength Training and the Menstrual Cycle

The Female Climber Series The Female Climber Series Part 1 - Training in Sync with your Hormone Cycle

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