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Simple Items That Might Save Your Life First Aid Kit

On a warm spring day in Assynt, Gail Donaldson could have gone ultra-light and barely equipped. But when a surprise slip left her incapacitated, alone, and out of mobile signal, she was glad to have packed with accidents in mind. Her first aid kit proved invaluable.


How to Rope Solo - with Pete Whittaker

8 Common Climbing Accidents And How to Avoid Them


Simple Items That Might Save Your Life Headtorch

Negotiating complex ground in the dark can be tricky, and you won't get far if you can't even see. A headtorch is a key essential on the hills, a small but vital bit of kit that's equally necessary for walkers and climbers. Many of us will have...

Simple Items That Might Save Your Life Group Shelter

On a cold and stormy Ben Nevis, a humble bothy bag proves to be the most useful thing in Dan Bailey's rucksack. Here's why you should always have one on the hills.

Simple Items That Might Save Your Life Spare Warm Jacket

"Had my leg break been so severe that I could not stand, I would quickly have been in dire trouble. I was very cold and shivering within a minute." Injured and under-dressed, Nick Small learned a valuable lesson the hard way...

Montane Instruction How to Abseil

In this video, Matt Cooper from The Mountaineering Company runs through a simple and effective way of abseiling that can be used in a...

Skills 12 Ways to Save Cash on Outdoor Gear

As the cost of living continues to soar, we're all looking to limit spending. To help make a modest dent in the outdoor...

Psychological Skills for Climbing - Analysing Strengths and Weaknesses

Dr Rebecca Williams, performance psychology coach and consultant clinical...

Skills How to Prolong Your Phone's Battery Life Outdoors

Climbers and hillwalkers will be familiar with the outdoor equivalent of range anxiety - the fear that your...

Winter 12 Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm Outdoors in Winter

UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab Packing for Winter Hillwalking

UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab Winter Gloves Explained

UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab Different Types of Glove

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