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ARTICLE: Grappling with Fear - Mid Climb

Grappling with Fear - Mid Climb

Sally Lisle shares four simple (but not necessarily easy) tools to help you grapple with fear when it kicks in mid climb... If you are operating on the cusp of controlling/losing control of your fear response, it is highly valuable to have a few techniques up your sleeve to manage your fear when you really need to. This article talks ...


8 Common Climbing Accidents And How to Avoid Them

How to rig an abseil

Washing Ropes

Abseil Knots Explained


TIPS: Ten Top Tips for Buying Winter Boots

Top Tips Ten Top Tips for Buying Winter Boots

Whether you're a winter walker or a winter climber, buying the right boot can be bewildering, so MIC Jake Phillips has some advice to help you make that crucial decision.

Becoming a British Mountain Guide

Aspirant British Mountain Guide shares some thoughts and tips that he's learnt whilst preparing for the BMG training scheme.

Pertex Expedition Series Part 3 - How To Get Fit

In part three, Malcolm, Paul and Guy discuss the very real struggle of getting fit for a Himalayan expedition, and the inevitable struggle of balancing work and home life with training and preparation. They explain their different approaches...

Pertex Expedition Series Part 2 - Picking an Objective

In part one Malcolm, Paul, and Guy talk about the importance of finding the right objective. Resources...

Pertex Expedition Series Part 1 - How to Pick a Team

In part one Malcolm, Paul, and Guy talk about the importance of finding the right climbing partners for...

How to Rope Solo - with Pete Whittaker

Rope soloing is simply the ability to climb alone, yet still have the safety of being attached to a rope (rather than...

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Hauling someone from a crevasse

In this instructional film, Mountain Guide Peter Mason shows us how to haul a climbing partner from a...

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Ascending out of a Crevasse

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Basic Crevasse Rescue

Arc'teryx Beginner Trad Tips Building confidence in gear

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Equipment for Crevasse Rescue

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