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How to Rope Solo - with Pete Whittaker

Rope soloing is simply the ability to climb alone, yet still have the safety of being attached to a rope (rather than free-soloing). It involves double the amount of work; all the work that your climbing partner would usually do for you in your team, whilst being a total loner as your climbing partner won't be there, so it's certainly not for ev...


8 Common Climbing Accidents And How to Avoid Them

Some are easy to quantify and avoid and others are far more complex, but here Jack Geldard explores 8 common climbing accidents and gives some advice on how to avoid them. From rock fall to abseiling to snapping slings, there's some wise words in...

How to rig an abseil

This brand new UKC mini-series combines words, photos, diagrams and video to make it easy to grasp some of the trickier aspects of climbing. With the most up to date info possible it uses the stunning images of Mike Robertson, video clips from Get Out On Rock and...

Self Rescue for Climbers - Escaping the System

In part 2 of this short video series, Steve Long shows how to escape the system - another essential step in crag self rescue.

Ski Mountaineering - It's for you!

There is far more to ski mountaineering than quiche eating, mullets and Ray-Ban sunglasses. For many Brits visiting the Alps in winter, the biggest set back is trudging through waist deep snow and failing to get to any routes at all. British Mountain Guide and ski...

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