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The Female Climber Series The Female Climber Series Part 2 - Optimising Strength Training and the Menstrual Cycle

Lattice Training coach Maddy Cope continues her series on climbing training for women, with a focus on tailoring training sessions to the various stages of the menstrual cycle. In the second part of this series we will be looking at some of the finer details when it comes to training and the menstrual cycle. Previou...


100 things you learn from experience

Ten Top Tips for Buying Rock Shoes

Belaying - 'Rope Loop' or 'Belay Loop'?


Removing Loose Rock at Horseshoe

While climbing at the most popular section of the Peak's current most popular crag, Alan James discovered a massive loose block that was an accident waiting to happen.

How to Make the Most of a Home Climbing Board

So you've finally built your home wall! With the boom in home builds due to COVID-19 there have been questions raised online about how to get the most out of a home set-up. While every construction will differ in size, angle and purpose, there...

ROCUPtv - Technique How important is good climbing footwear?

I'm sure we can all remember our first pair of climbing shoes – they were comfy weren't they? I remember my first pair coming to the end of the road and being genuinely sad. They were so "good". But they weren't… This video...

Who Let the Dogs Out: How to be a Responsible Crag Dog Owner

I used to have a theory in the first few years of my climbing career: if you want to climb hard,...

British Mountain Guide Training Scheme Entrance Exams

BMG Trainee Misha Nepogodiev finds out that you have to expect the unexpected in order to pass the...

Neil Gresham Technique And Training Handholds and Grip Technique - Part 1

Neil Gresham gets to grips with handholds: Page-one of climbing technique is making the best use of the holds, and this...

Grappling with Fear - Mid Climb

Sally Lisle shares four simple (but not necessarily easy) tools to help you grapple with fear when it kicks in mid...

Neil Gresham Technique And Training Toe-Hooking and Clamping

Lattice Training Series With Tom Randall Lattice Training Series with Tom Randall - Part 1: Endurance

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