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20 Tips for More Sustainable Climbing

Cragging, bouldering, mountain climbing… whatever your pursuit, here are 20 tips to build into your planning to make for more sustainable climbing.


Ten Top Tips for Buying Rock Shoes

100 things you learn from experience

How to Rope Solo - with Pete Whittaker


Where Climbers Go Wrong with Fall Practice

Hazel Findlay shares the bad habits that climbers can pick up - and fall into - when it comes to practising falling... Fall practice is a slightly sticky subject in climbing. Aside from being neglected or completely o...

Rescue After the Accident - How to Get Found Alive

If you're incapacitated on a Scottish winter mountain then your prospects depend on how well equipped you are, and how quickly you can be found. Roger Webb of Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team looks at some simple measures that might help to stack the odds...

Simple Items That Might Save Your Life First Aid Kit

On a warm spring day in Assynt, Gail Donaldson could have gone ultra-light and barely equipped. But when a surprise slip left her incapacitated, alone, and out of mobile signal, she was glad to have packed with accidents in mind. Her first aid...

Simple Items That Might Save Your Life Headtorch

Negotiating complex ground in the dark can be tricky, and you won't get far if you can't even see. A headtorch is a...

How to Become an E10 Climber

E10 climber Franco Cookson shares his top tips for hitting double 'E' figures. One of the things...

Simple Items That Might Save Your Life Group Shelter

On a cold and stormy Ben Nevis, a humble bothy bag proves to be the most useful thing in Dan Bailey's rucksack....

Simple Items That Might Save Your Life Whistle

Though it weighs just a few grams, costs peanuts, and fits unnoticed in your pocket, a humble whistle could be one of...

Montane Instruction An Introduction to Sea Cliff Climbing

Skills 12 Ways to Save Cash on Outdoor Gear

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