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How to Rope Solo - with Pete Whittaker

Rope soloing is simply the ability to climb alone, yet still have the safety of being attached to a rope (rather than free-soloing). It involves double the amount of work; all the work that your climbing partner would usually do for you in your team, whilst being a total loner as your climbing partner won't be there, so it's certainly not for ev...


How To Avoid Ticks and Lyme Disease

Ticks have arguably the most dangerous bite to humans of any species in the British Isles, says first aid expert Helen Howe. Why? Two words: Lyme disease. Walkers and climbers are at real risk, so here's how to avoid it.

Abseiling Tips

Loved by student groups, dreaded by climbers. a series of tips on how to make your abseils run smoother.

Getting into Deep Water Soloing

Ever fancied climbing solo above the sea? Mike Robertson, one of the most experienced aqua-climbers in the world answers some important questions. This article also features a DWS video, guidebook, media and clothing.

Washing Ropes

Monday is washday especially after a weekends cragging. Every woman's favourite washerman Graham Gedge gives us the suds on how to wash your rope to make it clean and supple again.

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