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The Unknown: Top Ten Tips to Improve your Onsight Grade

Onsighting is widely considered the purest and most satisfying style of climbing; ascending unknown territory with no information on the moves, using only your eyes and gut instinct to guide you. That feeling of unlocking a flowing sequence of tricky moves in the heat of the moment, guessing and guessing correctly, or readjusting and succeedi...


5 Things To Do at the Climbing Wall to Improve

The first in a series of occasional articles by top climbers aimed at giving concise and easily digestible advice on how we can all improve our climbing. This week Adrian Berry takes a look at how we can best use our time at the climbing wall to improve...

How to tie in to the rope

The first and perhaps most important skill you learn as a climber is how to tie on to the end of the rope. The most commonly used knots are the 're-threaded figure-of-eight' and the 'bowline with stopper'. Here's how to tie them.

Refine Your Style: Top Ten Tips for Delaying Forearm Pump

We've all been there: climbing smoothly, precisely and in control until suddenly the inevitable happens: your arms turn to fudge and no matter how hard you try to keep going, they become as much use as a chocolate teapot. The aim of this...

Movement Improvement

In this article instructor John Kettle introduces a three-part guide to taking control of your climbing technique. "For many the greatest satisfaction in their climbing comes from that elusive feeling of moving smoothly and lightly across difficult terrain. But when searching...

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