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The Unknown: Top Ten Tips to Improve your Onsight Grade

Onsighting is widely considered the purest and most satisfying style of climbing; ascending unknown territory with no information on the moves, using only your eyes and gut instinct to guide you. That feeling of unlocking a flowing sequence of tricky moves in the heat of the moment, guessing and guessing correctly, or readjusting and succeedi...


Ten Tips For Bouldering Indoors

In this article, Dave Flanagan gives 10 tips on how to improve at bouldering indoors and also how to use bouldering to improve your climbing outside... 

Ten Top Tips for Better Belaying

In this short article UKC Chief Editor Jack Geldard looks at a few simple and not so simple ways of improving your belaying. From soft catches to giving out biscuits, there's some tips here for almost everyone. "You have your friend's life in your hands. If you...

Improve Your Climbing By James McHaffie

In this article top climber James McHaffie gives us some hints and tips on ways to improve our climbing. "I've worked with climbers on a regular basis over the last 10 years from novices to people who have been leading extremes for years and some key areas...

Advice for novices and would-be climbers

Have you thought "I'm terrified of heights" or "I'm not nearly strong enough to lift myself up by my arms"? We tell you why climbing isn't really that dangerous, and why you don't need to be able to do tons of pull-ups to be pretty good at it.

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