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Lattice Training Series with Tom Randall - Part 6: Finger Injuries

As a climber, if you are regularly pushing yourself and trying hard, it is likely you will get a finger injury at some point. The only people I know that seem to not get them, are those who have been climbing from a young age and very gradually built up their climbing level, never pushing themselves too hard. It is well known among climbers that...


Advice for novices and would-be climbers

Have you thought "I'm terrified of heights" or "I'm not nearly strong enough to lift myself up by my arms"? We tell you why climbing isn't really that dangerous, and why you don't need to be able to do tons of pull-ups to be pretty good at it.

Become A Better Climber /

Become A Better Climber Training to Become a Better Climber - Part 2

This is the second piece in a series of training articles and is aimed at low to intermediate climbers (Approximate grade range of around UK Severe to HVS, Sport grade F5 to 6b or bouldering grade V1 / UK Tech 5c). With a specific training plan,...

Neil Gresham & Hangboard Guru's Fingerboarding Tips

Feeling flummoxed by the variety of information out there on fingerboard exercises? If you need a kickstart to get into an efficient hangboard routine, this concise article by Neil Gresham should give you some food for thought....

Movement Improvement

In this article instructor John Kettle introduces a three-part guide to taking control of your climbing technique. "For many the greatest satisfaction in their climbing comes from that elusive feeling of moving smoothly and lightly across difficult terrain. But when searching...

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