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NEWS: CAC Fundraiser Edward Mills wins Pride of Britain Award UKC NewsUKC News61,09403-Nov-18
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKC GearUKC Gear-46002-Nov-18
ARTICLE: Lattice Training Series with Tom Randall - Part 4: Conditioning & Mobility UKC ArticlesUKC Articles172,22901-Nov-18
INTERVIEW: Perfect Partners #12: Jacob Cook and Bronwyn Hodgins UKC ArticlesUKC Articles-1,14601-Nov-18
INTERVIEW: Mick Fowler - No Easy Way UKC ArticlesUKC Articles92,75901-Nov-18
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a bundle of winter essentials from Primus worth over £260 UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles-63501-Nov-18
NEWS: Pakistani Helicopter Rescue Pilots Honoured by Alpine Club UKC NewsUKC News-51631-Oct-18
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Berghaus Teallach Jacket UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles-73229-Oct-18
NEWS: Sir Chris Bonington Calls for Idealism - and Cash - for Parks UKC/UKH NewsUKC/UKH News262,77228-Oct-18
FRI NIGHT VID: JAM: The Journey UKC NewsUKC News121,89627-Oct-18
SKILLS: Lattice Training Series with Tom Randall - Part 3: Strength & Power UKC ArticlesUKC Articles282,66127-Oct-18
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win an Osprey Mutant 38l + Prize Bundle UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles479127-Oct-18
NEWS: Meshuga E9 6c by Jim Pope UKC NewsUKC News324,69026-Oct-18
NEWS: Battle of Britain 2018 Report UKC NewsUKC News-88526-Oct-18
NEWS: Welsh Slate to be Nominated for World Heritage Status UKC/UKH NewsUKC/UKH News232,32526-Oct-18
ARTICLE: The Pitfalls of the Peroni Supermodel UKC ArticlesUKC Articles142,96626-Oct-18
ARTICLE: Hostile Terrain - Trad Adventures in North Devon & Cornwall UKC ArticlesUKC Articles262,76125-Oct-18
PRODUCT NEWS: Berghaus Heads to Kendal for a World Premiere, and Evening with Adventurous Women, UKC/UKH GearUKC/UKH Gear-58825-Oct-18
VIDEO: Antarctica: Joy UKC VideosUKC Videos-55325-Oct-18
COMPETITION: Win a Rab Microlight Summit Jacket with Trekitt UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles71,28623-Oct-18
COMPETITION: WINNERS - Win 1 of 3 copies of Mastermind book with Margo Hayes pencil! UKC ArticlesUKC Articles41,22023-Oct-18
NEWS: Nick Bullock's Tides wins in Banff Mountain Book Competition UKC NewsUKC News81,87223-Oct-18
ARTICLE: British Climber Problems: 70 Quirks of the UK Climber UKC ArticlesUKC Articles748,33321-Oct-18
NEWS: Weatherman, 8a+ DWS, by Julija Kruder, new routes by brother Jernej UKC NewsUKC News-65120-Oct-18
NEWS: North Wales Trad Round-up UKC NewsUKC News72,32720-Oct-18
SKILLS: Lattice Training Series with Tom Randall - Part 2: Power Endurance UKC ArticlesUKC Articles162,35720-Oct-18
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Mountain Equipment Earthrise Jacket UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles51,38720-Oct-18
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKC GearUKC Gear-48519-Oct-18
NEWS: Raining Bats and Dogs 8c by Mina Leslie-Wujastyk UKC NewsUKC News62,21718-Oct-18
COMPETITION: WINNERS - Win 1 of 2 Abisko Hike 35 backpacks from Fjallraven UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles380618-Oct-18
VIDEO: Antarctica: Discomfort UKC VideosUKC Videos-60317-Oct-18
NEWS: Florence Pinet and Gérome Pouvreau in the UK UKC NewsUKC News62,18917-Oct-18
NEWS: British Lead & Speed Climbing Championships 2018 - Report UKC NewsUKC News172,28716-Oct-18
NEWS: The Dark Side by Alex Moore and Tim Blake UKC NewsUKC News354,94415-Oct-18
SKILLS: Technique - Heel Hooking UKC ArticlesUKC Articles41,98715-Oct-18
COMPETITION: WINNERS - Win 1 of 3 pairs of La Sportiva Rock Shoes UKC ArticlesUKC Articles298915-Oct-18
FRI NIGHT VID: Why We Climb - Women's Trad Festival 2018 UKC NewsUKC News61,55914-Oct-18
NEWS: Mt Kenya's Diamond Couloir in Condition UKC NewsUKC News223,64312-Oct-18
SKILLS: Lattice Training Series with Tom Randall - Part 1: Endurance UKC ArticlesUKC Articles213,29812-Oct-18
NEWS: New Font 8B+ for Maximillian Milne UKC NewsUKC News21,37111-Oct-18
COMPETITION: WINNERS - Win 1 of 2 Lowe Alpine Fuse + Ignite Packs UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles81,07811-Oct-18
New Maps on UKC Logbooks Alan James -...Alan James - UKC and UKH191,98010-Oct-18
FRI NIGHT VID: Alex Honnold Soloing El Cap in 360 UKC NewsUKC News303,87809-Oct-18
VIDEO: The North Face: Antarctica - Awe UKC VideosUKC Videos-61809-Oct-18
NEWS: Significant Rockfall on Cosmiques Arête UKC NewsUKC News93,67808-Oct-18
COMPETITION: WINNERS - Win 1 Of 3 GSI Microlite Twist 720 Bottles UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles-66208-Oct-18
ARTICLE: Gwen Moffat on Climbing and Crime UKC ArticlesUKC Articles31,50307-Oct-18
NEWS: Lakeland Summer Round-up UKC NewsUKC News204,49607-Oct-18
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Beal SHADOW SOFT fully adjustable harness UKC ArticlesUKC Articles-64506-Oct-18
NEWS: IFSC Lead World Cup Kranj 2018: Report UKC NewsUKC News41,06105-Oct-18
VIDEO: The North Face: Antarctica UKC VideosUKC Videos-64405-Oct-18
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKC GearUKC Gear-50605-Oct-18
NEWS: Practice of the Wild 8C by Will Bosi UKC NewsUKC News11,07505-Oct-18
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a pair of Asolo Greenwood GV Hiking Boots UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles111,08804-Oct-18
VIDEO: The North Face: Antarctica - Nerves UKC VideosUKC Videos-62004-Oct-18
INTERVIEW: Mina Leslie-Wujastyk - The Journey so Far UKC ArticlesUKC Articles-90903-Oct-18
FRI NIGHT VID: A Line Across the Sky - The Fitzroy Traverse UKC NewsUKC News273,81302-Oct-18
NEWS: Academia E10 repeated by Franco Cookson UKC NewsUKC News21322,94302-Oct-18
INTERVIEW: Reinhold Messner - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles71,80702-Oct-18
NEWS: Alpine Club honours Nanga Parbat Rescuers UKC NewsUKC News-71401-Oct-18