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A challenge for S.D.M.C. Members to climb in good style forty routes on Ten Tors of Dartmoor to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the club this summer. Ticklist contains all sub Extreme trad climbs on Hound Tor, Greator, Smallcombe Rocks, Holwell Tor, Haytor, Low Man, Saddle Tor, Bonehill Rocks, Chinkwell Tor and Honeybag Tor. Proposal is that routes are lead and seconded (not solos/boulder problems) and the circuit is completed on foot in a single push over 1 or 2 days. Extreme routes may be substituted if desired but it would be possible to complete this challenge by climbing no harder than severe, and is therefore hopefully inclusive to as many members as possible.

Jay and I on levitation  © Jayne-o
Jay and I on levitation
Jon Harvey, Mar 2011
© Jayne-o

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Outward Bound at Haytor

Outward Bound
Outward Bound at Haytor
© Dr Avid

Dave greedily squeezes in a solo of Outward Bound before sunset

Outward Bound
Dave greedily squeezes in a solo of Outward Bound before sunset
© Mark Bullock

Haytor sunset

Bulging Wall
Haytor sunset
© Sean Kelly

A bridge too far...

Outward Bound
A bridge too far...
© Sean Kelly

Late summer evening at Haytor

Bulging Wall
Late summer evening at Haytor
© Brian H

Suspension Flake Jessica Yates

Suspension Flake
Suspension Flake Jessica Yates
© Charlie Warne

Highball solo

Suspension Flake
Highball solo
© Sean Kelly

Sunset from Hound Tor

Suspension Flake
Sunset from Hound Tor
© Justin T

Making the most of last light on the fantastic Outward Bound.

Outward Bound
Making the most of last light on the fantastic Outward Bound.
© Dexter JW

Peace at last

Zig Zag
Peace at last
© petegunn

Levitation Direct HVS 5b

Levitation Direct
Levitation Direct HVS 5b
© dale1968

Suspension Flake Jessica Yates

Suspension Flake
Suspension Flake Jessica Yates
© Charlie Warne

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Perched Block Chimney M 115 ? Hound Tor
Suspension Flake VS 4c *** 1689 10m Hound Tor
Cantilever Direct HS 4b * 133 ? Hound Tor
Cantilever Crack VS 4c * 165 ? Hound Tor
Janelle HS 4b * 38 ? Hound Tor
Fogou VS 4c * 291 ? Hound Tor
Sheep May Safely Graze S 4a * 300 ? Hound Tor
Ozzie's Wall (Javu P43) HS 4b ** 59 ? Hound Tor
It Goes at About Vdiff S 4a * 167 ? Hound Tor
Top Hat M 119 4m Hound Tor
Prowler VS 5a * 307 10m Hound Tor
Teenage Mutant Ninja Slippers HVS 4c 27 ? Hound Tor
Slime Time HVS 5b 3 12m Hound Tor
Stegadacea Chimney D 74 ? Hound Tor
Stegadacea Chimney (Variation) S 4a 12 15m Hound Tor
Right Chimney VD 52 ? Hound Tor
Hydraulic Arete HVS 5b * 393 22m Hound Tor
Hydraulic Wall HVS 5a ** 27 18m Hound Tor
The Vice VD ** 672 22m Hound Tor
Pulpit HVD * 938 ? Hound Tor
Devonleigh HVD ** 912 18m Hound Tor
Paddy M ** 996 ? Hound Tor
One Move Wonder (Javu P91) HS 4c * 494 ? Hound Tor
No Dice VS 4b 21 8m Hound Tor
Liars Dice S 4a * 1500 8m Hound Tor
Liar's Wall (Javu P93) VS 4c 161 8m Hound Tor
Liar's Arete HVD 172 6m Hound Tor
Unnamed (Javu P94) HS 4b 96 ? Hound Tor
Priceless S 5a 22 25m Greator Rocks
The Rib VD 50 ? Greator Rocks
Gangnam Style VS 4c 134 ? Greator Rocks
Squittery Rib VS 4c 44 ? Greator Rocks
Manali Groove VS 4c * 86 10m Greator Rocks
King Jam HVS 5b * 59 7m Greator Rocks
Holly Tree Crack D 80 ? Greator Rocks
Sexual Misadventures with Fromage Frais S 4b * 120 ? Greator Rocks
Dominatrix HS 4b 153 ? Greator Rocks
Cheese Greator VD 161 ? Greator Rocks
Noosha Fox VS 4c 56 ? Greator Rocks
The V Sign HVS 5a 21 10m Greator Rocks
Greator Corner VS 4c 130 ? Greator Rocks
Greator Garbo M 120 ? Greator Rocks
Black Fox Wall VS 5a 63 10m Greator Rocks
Jugular VD 102 ? Greator Rocks
Buzzard (Javu P103) HVS 5b * 17 14m Smallacombe Rocks
Dead Sheep Crack (Javu P78) VS 4c 15 8m Smallacombe Rocks
The Stitch (Javu P80) S 4b 9 8m Smallacombe Rocks
Hutu HVS 4c 16 10m Holwell Tor
Old, Ordinary, and White HVS 5a 4 12m Holwell Tor
Slow Show VD 7 9m Holwell Tor
Corner Slab VD 22 26m Haytor
Superdirect S 4a 37 26m Haytor
Chimney & Direct D 23 33m Haytor
Half Nelson S 4a 10 33m Haytor
Canis VS 4c * 181 33m Haytor
East Chimney M 60 14m Haytor
Green Chimney S 22 ? Haytor
Tunnel Chimney M 27 ? Haytor
Vandal and Ann HVS 5b *** 506 27m • 2 Haytor
Central Chimney D 161 13m Haytor
Bridle Piton Slab D * 389 13m Haytor
North Face Chimney HS 4b 31 16m Haytor
West Chimney D 41 10m Haytor
Cobleigh's Chimney VD 108 23m Haytor
Grey Mare's Groove D 170 20m Haytor
Letterbox Wall VS 5b * 280 20m • 2 Haytor
Zig Zag VD ** 1812 15m Haytor
Zig Zag Direct HVS 5b * 46 15m Haytor
Bulging Wall VD ** 1785 15m Haytor
Bulging Wall Direct HS 4a * 137 15m Haytor
Step Across D * 920 16m Haytor
Haggis Left Hand D * 33 10m Haytor
Athos VD * 1005 10m Haytor
Aramis VS 4c * 920 10m Haytor
Screw VS 4c * 124 16m Haytor
Honeymoon Corner S 4b * 673 20m Haytor
Outward Bound HVS 4c ** 1165 23m Haytor
Raven Wing VS 4b ** 1083 24m Haytor
Raven Gully S 4a ** 1549 27m • 3 Haytor
Raven Direct VS 4c * 39 30m Haytor
Levitation VS 4b ** 1020 28m Haytor
Levitation Direct HVS 5b * 206 25m Haytor
Nameless S 20 20m Haytor
Capstan VD 35 15m Haytor
The Funnel HS 4c * 105 7m Saddle Tor
Firing Squad S 4a 17 8m Saddle Tor
Verdigris Cleft HVS 4c * 18 13m Saddle Tor
Don't Tell Emma HVS 5a 1 13m Saddle Tor
Big Slab Left Of Crack (Javu P73) f5 186 ? Bonehill Rocks
Big Slab Deep Crack (Javu P74) VD 368 ? Bonehill Rocks
Big Slab Right Of Crack (Javu P75) HS 4b 259 ? Bonehill Rocks
Perverted Squirm (Javu P80b) S 18 ? Bonehill Rocks
Jetstream VD * 25 17m Chinkwell Tor
Cobleighs Crack HVS 5b * 4 20m Chinkwell Tor
Sphinx VD 34 20m Chinkwell Tor
Antigerone HS 4b 25 20m Chinkwell Tor
Crackpot VS 4c 12 8m Honeybag Tor
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