Craig on the lead at Deceptive Wall along the Aberdeenshire coast.
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A Punters Progress. Diff list ticklist

contributed by tspoon1981 Aug/18

All the Diffs in NEO

For Matt XOX

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Last Thread TraverseD **25?Bridge of One Hair
Damp StartD *167?Deceptive Wall
Speculation CrackD 18?Alan's Cliff
The Purple WayD 39?Black Rock Gulch
The PlumblineD *34?Bass Inlet
Rainbow WallD 100?Souter Head
Slab Top ChimneyD **172?Souter Head
The CatwalkD 16?Souter Head
GoblinoydD 210mCove Harbour Crag
Rock Bottom TraverseD *8?South Cove
GanderD 27?Clashrodney North
Rose RibD 415mClashrodney
MaskD 74?Clashrodney
The ChasmD *2?Black Slough
Black PuddingD -26mLeukenya
The SlugD 510mFloors Craig
GullywasherD 3?Boltsheugh
Wasp SlabD *7?Drab Crag
Crabs WallD 510mCrabs Wall
LookoutD 1?Smuggler's Cliff
Faraway ChimneyD 16?The Graip
Sea Level TraverseD **22?The Graip
Tender CleftD 1?Berry's Loup Stack
Forlorn ChimneyD 812mSilkies Cliff
Jug WallD *293?Meikle Partans
KlacktovededsteneD *70?Graymare Slabs...
Amen CornerD *147?Graymare Slabs...
OrnithologyD **149?Graymare Slabs...
OstrichismD *68?Graymare Slabs...
AireginD **129?Graymare Slabs...
LedgewayD 11?Graymare Slabs...
The SchismD *-?Lammylair
QuirkD -?Lammylair
Ordinary RouteD 2?Perdonlie Inlet
RhinoD 720mAlligator Ridge
Stepped RidgeD 7?Red Wall
Scimitar Ridge TraverseD **8150mLong Haven Quarries
Lagoon EdgeD 215mLong Haven Quarries
Parallel ChimneysD *-15mThe Red Tower Area
Abseil RouteD -?The Red Tower Area
Pancake CrackD 120mThe Red Tower Area
Pink EdgeD -?The Red Tower Area
The WarpathD 320mThe Warlord Cliff
Comet CrackD -?Cock's Caim
Tooth DirectD 2?Cock's Caim
Middle Muddle GrooveD 15?Cummingston
Snotty NoseD 32210mCummingston
Rice Crispie WallD *204?Cummingston
The GrooveD 163?Cummingston
Flying Buttress, Right SideD 13610mCummingston
The ClamD 1212mLogie Head
Black HoleD *48?Logie Head
Little Green ManD 86mLogie Head
Green ChasmD 20?Redhythe Point
Two Part RouteD 23?Redhythe Point
Redhythe ChimneyD 25?Redhythe Point
Foam on the RangeD 23?Redhythe Point
Big Friendly Crack (BFC)D 13?Redhythe Point
Green and Unpleasant LandD 2?Redhythe Point
Rotten RowD -?Tarlair
Desert Island DiscsD -?Tarlair
MaroonedD -?Tarlair
The RampD 5710mHuntly's Cave
Platform Climb (Summer)D **63?Clachnaben
Outside LeftD 23?Clachnaben
Eagle ButtressD 12?Clachnaben
Swivel HeadD 137?Pass of Ballater
RightguardD 121?Pass of Ballater
Wee SlabD 3?Red Craig (Glen...
Ego TripD 50?Legaston Quarry
Staircase AD 4?Legaston Quarry
Staircase BD 3?Legaston Quarry
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