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jim jones, Sep 2020
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Cheshire/Merseyside *** routes ticklist

contributed by Stuart Russell Apr/20

All problems and routes given *** in the 2012 BMC guidebook

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Marshall's ClimbHVS 4c ***1120mHelsby
Pigeonhole WallHVS 5a **718mHelsby
Crumpet CrackE4 6b ***349mHelsby
The Beetler AreteE7 6c *2?Helsby
The IllegitimateE3 5c **1415mHelsby
Clockwork OrangeE4 5c *1312mHelsby
Golden PillarHVS 5b **18014mHelsby
Hope StreetE5 6a ***-28mHelsby
Morgue SlabE2 5b ***9914mHelsby
Time RegainedE8 6c *614mHelsby
BeatnikE5 6a ***2614mHelsby
Twin ScoopsE1 5c **11014mHelsby
Grooved SlabVS 4a ***26914mHelsby
The Anvil IntergraleE1 5b ***1626mHelsby
The Brush OffE4 5c ***5414mHelsby
Wood's ClimbHVS 5a ***23612mHelsby
Dinnerplate CrackVS 4c **22614mHelsby
Twin Caves CrackHS 4b **32314mHelsby
Flake CrackVS 4c ***63414mHelsby
Eliminate 1E1 5b ***24316mHelsby
PrataboutE5 6b ***2814mHelsby
Brandenburg WallE4 5c ***1213mHelsby
StingrayE4 6a ***28mHelsby
The ManglerE3 6a ***218mHelsby
The NotchD *13710mHelsby
Comet CrackE5 6a 4?Frogsmouth Quarry
Creeping JesusE1 5b **959mPex Hill Quarry
Hart's AreteE4 6b ***2211mPex Hill Quarry
Crack and UpE1 5b **17411mPex Hill Quarry
The AbortE1 5a *14611mPex Hill Quarry
WarlordE4 6a **1311mPex Hill Quarry
The KnifeE5 6a ***69?Pex Hill Quarry
StaminadeE6 6b ***3?Pex Hill Quarry
DatelineE3 6a ***100?Pex Hill Quarry
Exit On AirE7 6b ***1?Pex Hill Quarry
Black MagicE5 6b ***27?Pex Hill Quarry
Lava FallsE3 6a ***912mParbold Quarry
Sandstone Trail7a+ **2010mFrogsmouth Quarry
Dogsbody Arete6a+ ***291?Frogsmouth Quarry
Wall Street6b+ **131?Frogsmouth Quarry
The Flying School6c ***156?Frogsmouth Quarry
Pathetic Sharks7a **47?Frogsmouth Quarry
Topless Skateboarding Nun7a+ **35?Frogsmouth Quarry
The Big Stiff One7c ***5?Frogsmouth Quarry
Rosetta Probe8a ***220mFrogsmouth Quarry
Ivan Jellical6c+ ***52?Frogsmouth Quarry
east african affair7a+ 3?Frogsmouth Quarry
The Nose (Pocket Wall)V1 ***64?Helsby
Pocket WallV3 ***42?Helsby
Artful DodgerV4 ***6?Helsby
Atful DodgingV6 ***5?Helsby
Harmer's Aretef5+ 30?Harmer's Wood
TweedledeeV0 39?Harmer's Wood
Tom's Wallf6C 13?Harmer's Wood
Alice's Aretef3+ 214?Harmer's Wood
Yates' Layawayf6B+ 43?Harmer's Wood
Queen of Heartsf6C 24?Harmer's Wood
High Heavenf6C+ 9?Harmer's Wood
March Haref6A+ 18?Harmer's Wood
Dormouse Arete Leftf5+ 195?Harmer's Wood
The Long Lurchf5 **624mFrodsham
Big Wallf4 554mFrodsham
Great WallE2 5c ***1914mFrodsham
Iron Dish WallE2 5c **2414mFrodsham
Arete Routef5 *838mFrodsham
Crew's Aretef5 ***786mFrodsham
Superwallf5 *626mFrodsham
Jimmy's Crackf5+ ***296mFrodsham
Sweaterf5 *146mFrodsham
Pulloverf5 ***546mFrodsham
Green AreteV1 *20?Frodsham
Direct Routef4+ *566mFrodsham
The Hoop-Laf5 **1408mFrodsham
Boysen's Routef5+ *638mFrodsham
Banner's Routef5+ **668mFrodsham
Manley VirtuesV6 ***1?Manley Knoll
Tequila Sunrisef6A+ **2025mPex Hill Quarry
Harvey Wallbangerf5+ **2065mPex Hill Quarry
Bermuda Trianglef6C ***719mPex Hill Quarry
Catalepsyf7A+ ***198mPex Hill Quarry
Monoblockf8A ***58mPex Hill Quarry
Hart's ArĂȘte HighV3 ***14?Pex Hill Quarry
Hart's Arete Traversef6C ***30?Pex Hill Quarry
Hart's AreteV4 20?Pex Hill Quarry
Hunter's Walkf5+ *507mPex Hill Quarry
Mankey Roadf5+ **2236mPex Hill Quarry
Pisa Wall Traverse Middlef6B ***196?Pex Hill Quarry
The Positron TraverseV3 ***49?The Breck
The Bluebell Traversef6C+ ***6?The Breck
Haston DynoV10 **-9mThe Breck
Life in the Woodsf7A ***-?Stanner Nab
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