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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
AnticycloneHVS 5b *11 Nov, 2021Noggarth
Self Isolation6a *4 Oct, 2021Runestone Quarry
Mynydd MarianVS 4c **2 Oct, 2021Castle Inn Quarry
The Comeback Kid4a *2 Oct, 2021Castle Inn Quarry
Easy Peasy3a *2 Oct, 2021Castle Inn Quarry
WrinklesS 4a 22 Sep, 2021Noggarth
Monster dog7a *16 Sep, 2021Runestone Quarry
All I Really Want To Do6a **16 Sep, 2021Runestone Quarry
The Burning6a+ *16 Sep, 2021Runestone Quarry
Splat!6c *6 Sep, 2021Marian Bach
Vulcan XM 6075b *6 Sep, 2021Marian Bach
DepressionHVS 5a 21 Aug, 2021Noggarth
Colne CornerS 21 Aug, 2021Noggarth
All Aboard the Love Boat6a+ 9 Jul, 2021Bodychain
What's Up Doc?7a+ *7 Jul, 2021Bodychain
Adz Spice6a+ *7 Jul, 2021Bodychain
Sarah4c **4 Jul, 2021Bodychain
Cai6a+ *2 Jul, 2021Penmaenbach Quarry
Orange County7a **1 Jul, 2021Penmaenbach Quarry
Unprecedented Times6a *20 May, 2021Noggarth
DebbieMVS 4c 16 Oct, 2020Noggarth
Bottom LipHS 4b 16 Oct, 2020Noggarth
El NinoVS 4c 16 Oct, 2020Noggarth
Tonto6b *15 Sep, 2020Penmaenbach Quarry
Cyber Caff7c *15 Sep, 2020Penmaenbach Quarry
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