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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Arête du Belvédère6a+ ***13 Jun, 2018Belvédère des...
Horse Latitudes6a+ **22 Sep, 2017Rainbow Slab Area
The Running Man6b *17 Aug, 2017Horseshoe Quarry
Hardcore! You Know the Score6b *17 Aug, 2017Horseshoe Quarry
A Right Earful6a+ *17 Aug, 2017Horseshoe Quarry
Menage a TroisE4 6b *16 Jul, 2017Vivian Quarry
The Full Monty6a+ *16 Jul, 2017Vivian Quarry
Gin Palace7c ***16 Jul, 2017Vivian Quarry
Over Taken By Department 'C'6a **16 Jul, 2017Rainbow Slab Area
Gwion's Groove6a+ **16 Jul, 2017Rainbow Slab Area
Drowning Man6b *16 Jul, 2017Rainbow Slab Area
In Loving Memory6a+ **16 Jul, 2017Australia
Crazy Train6c **16 Jul, 2017Australia
Waves of Mutilation7a 2 Jul, 2017Horseshoe Quarry
Mister, Mister6b *26 Jun, 2017Vivian Quarry
Imagine Dragons6b **17 Jun, 2017Twll Mawr
The Jewel of the Isle6b+ ***10 Jun, 2017Wallsend South
The Watchman6b ***8 Jun, 2017Wallsend South
Ruby Marlee meets Dr Holingsworth !E1 5b **2 Jun, 2017Australia
The Chronicles of Vladimir6c+ 3 May, 2017Blacknor Central
Gaze of the Gorgon6a+ **3 May, 2017Blacknor Central
Pregnant Pause6a+ ***3 May, 2017Blacknor Central
Lord Stublock Deepvoid Breaks the Chain of Causation6b+ ***3 May, 2017Blacknor Central
Le Cranium Cassé6a+ *30 Apr, 2017Blacknor Beach
No Place for Mambas6b ***27 Apr, 2017Wallsend South
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