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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
The Cragmeister 6b ** Lead β 16/Aug/16 Tirpentwys
Supertramp 7a *** Lead RP 16/Aug/16 Tirpentwys
Das Goot, Yah? 6b * Lead β 14/Aug/16 Cheddar Gorge North
Full Metal Jacket 6a+ * 2nd 20/Jul/16 Taffs Well West
All's Well 6b * 2nd 20/Jul/16 Taffs Well West
Pet Cemetery 7a *** Lead RP 13/Jul/16 Ban-y-gor
Staple Diet 7b *** Lead RP 31/May/16 Witches Point
Parle 6a+ *** Lead O/S 01/Mar/16 Sierra de Toix
Bovedón Wall Right 6a * Lead β 29/Feb/16 Gandia
Bovedón Wall Left 6a * Lead β 29/Feb/16 Gandia
Cid Cabreador 6a+ * Lead β 27/Feb/16 Bellus
Vivorita 7a+ ** Lead β 27/Feb/16 Bellus
Tempestades 6b+ ** Lead β 27/Feb/16 Bellus
White Bolts 6b ** Lead β 26/Feb/16 Altea
Yellow Bolts 6a * Lead β 26/Feb/16 Altea
Green Bolts 6b ** Lead β 26/Feb/16 Altea
Hanging By A Thread 6c *** Lead RP 03/Sep/15 Witches Point
The Relaxed Ladybird 6c ** Lead β 06/Aug/15 Navigation Quarry
Bristol Beat 7a * Lead β 17/May/15 Taffs Well West
Avidya 6b+ * Lead RP 28/Apr/15 Ban-y-gor
Latest Craze 7b+ ** Lead RP 28/Apr/15 Ban-y-gor
Morning Winpenny 5c Lead β 14/Apr/15 Ban-y-gor
Join the Union, Jack 6b Lead β 06/Apr/15 Ban-y-gor
Sustainable Development 5c Lead β 13/Aug/14 Taffs Well West
Landfill Tax 6a * Lead O/S 13/Aug/14 Taffs Well West