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"The Process" is a series that for me has been a long time coming. I wanted to create something that would teach not only the specifics of how to train, but also the values and approach necessary to get the most out of our climbing.

As the concentration of indoor climbing walls increases, as does the number of climbers. The average level of strength of the modern day climber is so much higher than it ever has been before thanks to climbing walls, however there is a definite lack of transfer when it comes to the level they climb on rock comparatively. For a long time I have watched from the side lines as the training fads of the indoor climbing wall scene eclipse that of the aspect to simply become "better climbers". For me, climbing is all about learning, adapting and connecting with the climb - this series is an attempt to understand the process of seeing our potential. "The Process" is the means to get stronger, "The Process" is the means to get fitter, but unequivocally "The Process" is the means to get better!

Training with Robbie Phillips - Ep. 1 & 2

Episode 1 is called "The Theory of Training". It attempts to highlight the key aspects to training and to a greater extent what we need to focus on to become better climbers. It covers my "Philosophy" on climbing training, mindset, goal setting and a brief look at self-awareness. This is certainly a good place to start to get a feel for what the series will be about.

Read the accompanying article for this first episode on Edelrid's website here.

Episode 2 covers "Base Level Endurance". This is an introduction to Endurance training and looks at how we can get the most out of our wall based training to get fit in the right ways for our projects. This stuff is essential technique training as well as physical training - I made the greatest gains in technique based improvement when I was training high-end anaerobic endurance.

Read the accompanying article for this second episode on Edelrid's website here.

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