Mythical Wall E1 5b *** onsight
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100 Aberdeen North East Classics! ticklist

contributed by Dangerous Dave Apr/11

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Lean MeatE3 5c **27?Craig Stirling
Depth ChargeE1 5a ***86?Craig Stirling
YahoochieE6 6a ***25?Craig Stirling
Running WildE5 6b ***18?Craig Stirling
The PugilistE4 6a ***28?Floors Craig
Manassa MaulerE4 6a ***31?Floors Craig
The ParanormalE3 5c ***2820mBerrymuir Head
GuruE3 5c **918mFindon Ness South
The PrisonE3 5c **1125mRed Band Cliff
StratosfearE2 5c **33?Earnsheugh
Bats' BelfryE2 5c ***77?Earnsheugh
NecromancerE5 6a ***39?Earnsheugh
Death CapE1 5a ***169?Earnsheugh
Prehistoric MonsterE5 6a ***45?Earnsheugh
The PrisonerE4 6a *1612mClashrodney
Birthday TreatE1 5a ***16620mClashrodney
Insect GrooveHVS 5a ***180?South Cove
The HedonistHVS 5a ***1730mSouth Cove
Cracks in RealityE5 6a ***10?• 2South Cove
ProcrastinationE5 6b ***5?• 2South Cove
Space RatsE5 6a ***5?• 3South Cove
Red PlanetE4 6a ***11?• 3South Cove
Brooker's AreteS ***328?Souter Head
The PobbleVS 4b 341?Souter Head
Mythical WallE1 5b ***198?Souter Head
Red DeathE3 6b ***53?The Long Slough
Black VelvetE4 6b ***25?The Long Slough
Bob's OverhangE4 6a ***50?The Long Slough
Twisted CrackHVS 5a *172?The Long Slough
TaliskerE1 5a ***36?Black Dyke Area
IslanderE3 5c **1120mBlack Dyke Area
The Great EscapeHVS 5a **47?Harbour Wall,...
AcapulcoE1 5b ***105?Backdoor Wall,...
Rock LobsterE3 5c **26?Brown Crag
The WeightHS ***150?Fulmar Wall
Billy the KidHVS 5b **67?Fulmar Wall
Strawclutcher's WallE1 5b **209?Meikle Partans
Jug WallD *334?Meikle Partans
Shallow DiedreVS 4c *221?Meikle Partans
Main CrackE5 6a ***520mArthur Fowlie
Magic DragonHS ***1935mArthur Fowlie
Pooh CornerHVS 5b **23?Red Wall
Pooh PoohE2 5c ***16?Red Wall
SublineE3 5c ***20?Red Wall
KaboomE4 6a **425mLong Haven Quarries
Hole in the WallE5 6b ***24?The Red Tower Area
Piltdown connectionE3 5c **9?The Red Tower Area
StonefaceE4 6a **1325mThe Round Tower
FacegodE5 6a **725mThe Round Tower
The Life of BrianE1 5a **1730mThe Round Tower
Tyrant CrackE2 5c **2020mThe Round Tower
The Killing MoonE1 5b ***49?Meackie Point
Trial of TearsE3 6a **11?Meackie Point
Hidden TreasureE2 5c ***53?Hidden Treasure Wall
The ProphetE2 5c **26015mCummingston
Cullenary DelightVS 5a ***704?Logie Head
Holy GroundE2 5c ***70?Logie Head
Rising StarHVS 5b ***161?Logie Head
Fallen StarVS 4c ***292?Logie Head
CocaineE4 6a ***33?Rosehearty
The EssentialE3 5c ***57?Rosehearty
AfterglowE2 5b ***81?Rosehearty
Coming Up RosesE3 5c **42?Rosehearty
ShapeshifterE4 6a ***38?Rosehearty
Man EaterHVS 5a 23?Clachnaben
GnasherE1 5b **23?Clachnaben
Rough RiderHVS 5a **77?Clachnaben
ErkE3 5b **11?Clachnaben
No 1 ChimneyVD ***172?Clachnaben
Bogendreip ButtressHVS 5a ***78?Clachnaben
Lucky StrikeVS 4c ***74415mPass of Ballater
Pretzel LogicE3 5c **10318mPass of Ballater
Silent SpringE1 5a **14125mPass of Ballater
Peel's WallE4 6a ***132?Pass of Ballater
Smith's AreteE5 6a ***4312mPass of Ballater
Dod's Dead CatE2 5c *120?Pass of Ballater
Little CenotaphHVS 5b **67212mPass of Ballater
Pink WallHVS 5a *3178mPass of Ballater
Black CustardE1 5b ***55912mPass of Ballater
High SteppaE2 6a **1058mPass of Ballater
Cold RageE4 6a **65?Pass of Ballater
Anger and LustE2 5c ***23220mPass of Ballater
Anger and Lust Right-Hand FinishE4 6b ***2220mPass of Ballater
Lech GatesE4 5c **4420mPass of Ballater
BluteredE1 5a ***281?Pass of Ballater
Demon DrinkE5 6b **29?Pass of Ballater
Strawberry RippleVS 5a *236?Pass of Ballater
GuinnessE1 5b **157?Red Craig (Glen...
VindalooE1 5b ***106?Red Craig (Glen...
The WhoremistressE4 6a ***30?Red Craig (Glen...
WanderedHVS 5a ***372?Red Craig (Glen...
Proud CornerVS 4c ***645?Red Craig (Glen...
CinderellaE6 6a ***18?Red Craig (Glen...
Zig Zag Double DirectE2 5c ***8425mRed Craig (Glen...
Red WallE1 5b ***257?Red Craig (Glen...
Empire of the SunE4 6a ***37?Red Craig (Glen...
Roslin RivieraE4 6a ***835mJuanjorge
Orbital EjectionE3 5c ***1250m• 3South Cove
PhaffS ***58?Red Wall
The NicheVS 4c ***60?Berrymuir Head
220 e, 250 stars11,510620m• 108
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