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Yorkshire Gritstone Vol.1 Graded List - Bouldering ticklist

contributed by fuzzysheep01 Jun/20

The graded bouldering list from YMC 2012 guidebook - ticklist still in progress

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Bulbhaulf8B+ **2?Almscliff
Ullolaf8B -?Caley Crags
High Fidelityf8B ***-?Caley Crags
Yes We Canf8B ***-?Whitehouses
Super Furry Animalf8A+ -?Slipstones
X-Calibre Direct SDSf8B **-?Hunter's Stones
Cypherf8B ***2?Slipstones
The Real Keelhaulf8A+ **-?Almscliff
Brownian Motionf8A+ ***3?West Chevin Boulders
Keelhaulf8A ***7?Almscliff
Ironsidef8A+ 1?Brimham Rocks
Toe-Fuf8A+ 2?Simon’s Seat
X-Calibre SDSf8A+ **1?Hunter's Stones
Cherry Fallsf8A+ ***4?Almscliff
Fluid Dynamicsf8A+ ***3?West Chevin Boulders
Mr CV12 4?Brimham Rocks
HarvestV11 -?Chevin Buttress
The Full Virgin Traversef8A -?Almscliff
Ranieri's Reachf8A 14mCaley Crags
Lockdown SDSf8A **1?Hunter's Stones
OmegaV11 1?Chevin Buttress
Identity Crisisf8A **-?Almscliff
Voguef8A 3?Bat Buttress
Mistaken Identityf8A *1?Caley Crags
Caninef8A *2?Almscliff
Growledf8A ***2?Whitehouses
New Bloodf8A -?Caley Crags
To You Toof7C+ 22?Brimham Rocks
Zoo Yorkf8A **25?Caley Crags
Chiasmataf8A 20?Almscliff
All Naturalf8A **2?Almscliff
The Trial of Slinky Bobs Masterf8A ***-?Whitehouses
Zenf8A -?Almscliff
The Fonzef8A ***19?Brimham Rocks
Banana Republicf8A ***4?Caley Crags
Vicious Streakf8A 9?Caley Crags
Exocetf8A 32mSlipstones
Heaven In Your Handsf7C ***39?Brandrith
Ben's Groove sit-startf7C+ ***16?Caley Crags
Anniemuttf7C+ *-?Slipstones
Digital Deliriumf7C+ 1?Eavestone Crag
Like A HurricaneV10 **13?Chevin Buttress
Underhand Super Extensionf7C+ *8?Almscliff
Archimedesf7C+ 5?Norwood
Poncef7C ***10?Brimham Rocks
No More Mr Next Tryf7C+ -?Caley Crags
Mikes Problemf7B **20?Brimham Rocks
Herculesf7C+ *10?Whitehouses
Blood Brothers SDSf7C+ -?Simon’s Seat
Galaxy LHf7C+ *1?Simon’s Seat
HussefeltV10 2?Brimham Rocks
Guacamole Salsa StartV10 -?Caley Crags
Super G aka Pinch Perfectf7C+ 1?Nought Bank Boulders
Northern Soulf7C+ *1?Caley Crags
Energy Crisisf7C+ 10?Snowden Crags
The Fridgef7C+ 4?Brimham Rocks
Ralphf7C+ **1?Caley Crags
Stu's Rooff7C+ **35?Almscliff
Twilight Sessionf7C+ -?Slipstones
To Me To YouV10 33?Brimham Rocks
Everything CountsV9 1?Slipstones
Magnum Opus Direct Startf7C+ -?Almscliff
The Real Keelf7C+ ***7?Almscliff
Crazy legs Cromef7C+ ***7?Whitehouses
The Bulbf7C+ ***26?Almscliff
Big Fishf7B **16?Plantation Crack
Three Squirrelsf7C+ 5?Caley Crags
Terryf7C *5?Caley Crags
Juha's Arêtef7C **2?Caley Crags
Diamond Lightsf7C 3?Eavestone Crag
Jess's Rooff7C **48?Almscliff
Big Kicksf7C ***5?Lord's Seat
Fluidef7C 24?Crow Crag
Sky Diamondf7C 4?Eavestone Crag
The Brockf7C 5?Snowden Crags
The ArcherV9 3?Brimham Rocks
Whitefingerf7B+ **16?Whitehouses
The U-Tubef7C -?Brimham Rocks
Hunter's Rooff7C ***32?Hunter's Stones
Pot Blackf7C 1?Little Brimham
The Fabulous Number Twof7C 1?Eavestone Crag
WaiteE5 7a **-?Caley Crags
Kermitf7C -?Lord's Seat
Agrippaf7C **16mCaley Crags
Pedestal Arete (From Sitting)f7C **14?Caley Crags
5p 10pV9 1?Brimham Rocks
Nothing's Safef7C *16mCaley Crags
Guacamolef7C -?Caley Crags
The Niche Dyno / Jumper's Dynof7C **22?Brimham Rocks
Pencil's Problem f7C -?Caley Crags
Stipulef7C 63mSlipstones
Andy's Route SDSf7C 1?Caley Crags
The Keelf7C ***238?Almscliff
Solipsismf7C *-?Simon’s Seat
Blockbusterf7C *60?Caley Crags
Pouncef7B+ ***22?Brimham Rocks
Lay-By Aretef7B+ ***76?Slipstones
The True Pebble WallE5 6c **4?Caley Crags
Syrett's Saunter/Pebble Wallf7B+ *81?Caley Crags
Underhandf7B+ **218?Almscliff
Reach for a PeachE4 6c *4?Hetchell
One LoveV8+ -?Brimham Rocks
The Crystal Methodf7B+ **32?Caley Crags
Magnoliaf7B+ *2?Simon’s Seat
Streaky's Traversef7B+ ***25?Almscliff
No Pebble Aretef7C *4?Caley Crags
I'm Chief Kamanawanalayaf7B+ **8?Plantation Crack
The Dark Side of Chif7B+ 10?Almscliff
Phoenix wallf7B+ **11?Panorama Crag...
Stu's Roof Left Handf7B+ *54?Almscliff
Holeshotf7C *56mSlipstones
Sewer Rat Connectionf7B+ 12?Almscliff
Wainwright's Wobblef7B+ *1?Caley Crags
JawsV8+ 2?Plantation Crack
Blood Brothersf7B+ **-?Simon’s Seat
Ju Ju Clubf7B+ **74?Caley Crags
Pieces of EightV8+ 1?Brimham Rocks
Bad Etiquettef7B+ *-?Caley Crags
EclipseV8+ -?Nought Bank Boulders
Psycho DirectE5 6c ***4?Caley Crags
Two Squirrelsf7B+ **34?Caley Crags
E.S.Pf7B+ **3?Brimham Rocks
Scary Canaryf7B+ *35?Caley Crags
Tantric Traversef7B+ 48?Snowden Crags
Freak Techniquef7B+ -?Caley Crags
Secret Seventhf7C *58?Caley Crags
The Titfield Thunderboltf7B+ **118?Brimham Rocks
Toboggan Wallf7B **-?Nought Bank Boulders
To Be is Not To BoltE6 6c **15?Caley Crags
McNabf7B ***94?Lord's Seat
Pinky Traverse Flake Finishf7B **34?Brimham Rocks
Crusisf7B **234?Almscliff
The Long Haulf7B ***8?Brimham Rocks
Millionairef7C ***2?Great Wolfrey
Pistol Whipf7B **34?Almscliff
iPerbolef7B -?Simon’s Seat
Trustf7B **484mNought Bank Boulders
Wisecrack Superdirectf7B 215mSlipstones
Self Suicidef7B+ *32?Slipstones
Just the Onef7B 3?Caley Crags
Chocolate Orangef7A 3?Caley Crags
The Good Newsf7C ***17mLittle Brimham
So Pussyf7A+ **40?Little Brimham
Half a Drainpipef7B+ 8?Crow Crag
Crimpy RoofV8+ *138?Brimham Rocks
The Prowf7A+ **68?Caley Crags
Ben's Groovef7B *125?Caley Crags
Mystical Powersf7B -?Bolton Haw - Temple...
Particle Collisionf7B **1?West Chevin Boulders
Low Pressuref7A+ *16?West Chevin Boulders
Monsoon Monsoonf7C 1?Caley Crags
Benchmarkf7B ***14?Brimham Rocks
Kindergarten Wallf7B 5?Caley Crags
Andy's Routef7A+ *6?Caley Crags
Ian's Traversef7B+ *35?Brimham Rocks
Serpicof7B *8?Brimham Rocks
Short wall dynoV8 1?Caley Crags
Ripper Aretef7B+ *2?Caley Crags
Field Side Traverse (Mindbend)f7B **10?Almscliff
The Grouchf7B ***116?Brimham Rocks
Sulky Little Boysf7A+ ***143?Slipstones
Wongyf7A+ 5?Bat Buttress
Pinkyf7A+ ***283mBrimham Rocks
Fantasy Leaguef7A+ ***25?Brimham Rocks
Whalebackf7B **46?Simon’s Seat
By Hook or By Crook SDSf7A+ ***8?Hunter's Stones
Demon Wall Rooff7A+ ***580?Almscliff
Simple Sallyf7A+ *596mSlipstones
Supermodelf7A+ 1?Cat Crags
Backbitef7A+ 2?Norwood
Eat The Lightf7A+ *52?West Chevin Boulders
Dew Dropf7A+ 3?Eavestone Crag
Dreamlandf7A+ **104?Almscliff
'Arries 'ook direct startf7A+ *54?Almscliff
Ahabf7A+ *1?Caley Crags
Pocket Knifef7A+ ***24?Caley Crags
Peshmergaf7A+ **17?Whitehouses
Slapstick Aretef7A+ **79?Caley Crags
Rachael's Boxf7A+ 97?Brimham Rocks
Over Easyf7A+ **72?Caley Crags
Falconf7A 48?Norwood
Jumpin' Jack Flashf7A+ ***2?Great Wolfrey
Finches Fuelf7A+ -?Caley Crags
Flapjack Traversef7A+ *96?Caley Crags
Ultimate Emotionf7A+ 1?Brandrith
Chipper Traversef7A+ 2?Brimham Rocks
Black Chipper Aretef7A+ **205?Brimham Rocks
Longbowf6C+ ***96?Brimham Rocks
Governorf7A+ **224mBrimham Rocks
Si's Aretef7A **240?Almscliff
The Rackf7A+ **50?Brimham Rocks
Horn Ribf7A+ **182?Caley Crags
Jokers Wall Traversef7A+ 67?Brimham Rocks
Brown's Rooff7A+ **4?Almscliff
The Anchorf7A+ ***290?Brimham Rocks
Pair in a Cubiclef7A *157?Brimham Rocks
Morrell's Wall Traversef7A *279?Almscliff
Whisky Galoref7A ***366?Brimham Rocks
Rageh Omaarf7A **69?Whitehouses
Barley MowE4 6b 496mAlmscliff
Iciclef7A 11?Great Roova Crag
Hen Aretef7A 38?Hen Stones
The Low-Level Traversef7A 4?Hetchell
Suckerpunchf7A *2?Nought Bank Boulders
Piglet Aretef7A 3?Sypeland
Hammill's RibE4 6b 96mAlmscliff
SlideshowV6 -?Nought Bank Boulders
Patta's Aretef7A **218?Almscliff
The Blazing Apostlef7A 4?Great Roova Crag
Auroraf7A 28?Great Roova Crag
C&A Traversef7A **100?Almscliff
Controlled Burningf7A 2?Brown Beck Crag
Middle Traversef7A ***2?Roundhill
Pocket Wallf7A 20?Caley Crags
Little Billf7A 4?Brandrith
Cream Egg Eliminatef7A ***201?Caley Crags
Pok-A-Tokf7A **10?Nought Bank Boulders
Galaxyf7A 94?Simon’s Seat
Pinnaf7A+ **-?Simon’s Seat
Yuletide Wallf7A 4?Caley Crags
New Jerusalemf6C+ ***389?Caley Crags
Think Pinkf7A *1?Little Brimham
Rodeo Riderf7A 7?Little Brimham
Death Drop 2000E4 6b **30?Caley Crags
The Crucifix Traversef7A 437?Almscliff
Too Much Too Youngf7A *3?Eavestone Crag
Get a Gripf7A 21?Eavestone Crag
Pussy GaloreV9 1?Brimham Rocks
Cleft Dynof7A *107?Brimham Rocks
Elwood P Dowdf7A+ 26?Brimham Rocks
Dolphin's Nosef7A *123?Brimham Rocks
Pebble Wallf6C ***466?Almscliff
Green Fingersf6C+ -?Nought Bank Boulders
GypusE3 6b 3010mAlmscliff
Not My Stilef6C+ *126?Caley Crags
Sloper Patrolf6C ***113?Almscliff
Robin's Nestf6C+ 14?Norwood
Pancake Scoopf6C+ 8?Caley Crags
The Boss aka Loose Changef7A *1?Sypeland
Pine Tree Aretef6C+ ***145?Caley Crags
Pot of Goldf6C+ **23?Snowden Crags
I Am a walrusf6C+ *19?Almscliff
Flapjack Groovef6C+ 57?Caley Crags
Ed's Dynof6C+ 103?Almscliff
Wall of Horrors Traversef6C+ *56?Almscliff
Syrett's Rooff7A **3378mAlmscliff
Dolphin Belly Slapf7A *857?Almscliff
Joker's Flakef6C *36?Brimham Rocks
Pommelf6C+ **390?Brimham Rocks
Heart Shaped Slab Aretef6C+ ***23?Brimham Rocks
The Virgin Traversef6B+ ***218?Almscliff
Boris or Bustf6C ***50?Little Brimham
Lichen Gropef7A **2?Great Wolfrey
Clingonf6C+ *5?Brimham Rocks
Petrocellif6C 65mLord's Seat
Optical Illusionf6C 3?Snowden Crags
Micro Cornerf7A **133?Slipstones
Rick's RockE4 6b 87?Caley Crags
Cracklin' Creasef6C ***2?Thruscross
Cowboy Dazef6B+ ***34?Little Brimham
Supple Wallf7A+ ***65?Slipstones
Horn Dynof6C **24?Caley Crags
Hump BumpV5 1?Nought Bank Boulders
Over the Looking Glassf6C **-?Eavestone Crag
Wall Directf6C **16?Roundhill
Green Wall V8+ -?Caley Crags
Cave Aretef6C 4?North Nab
The Rocking Groovef6C **56?Caley Crags
Pocket Wallf6C 47?Caley Crags
Hanging NoseV7 1?Caley Crags
The Money Shotf6C *-?Caley Crags
The Pinchf6C *252?Caley Crags
Dead Point Dynof6B *1?Caley Crags
MBKC Aretef6C -?Caley Crags
The Palm Pressf6C -?Caley Crags
Micro Wallf6C 4?Slipstones
Little Baldyf6C+ *164mSlipstones
The Traversef6C+ 5?Eavestone Crag
Murky Ribf6A+ *222?Brimham Rocks
Lost Worldf6C 97?Brimham Rocks
Black Dog Aretef6C *118?Brimham Rocks
Niche Aretef6C **80?Brimham Rocks
Davies Rampf6B 92?Slipstones
Forked Lightning Crackf6B *493?Caley Crags
Ron's Reach/Ripper Traversef6B **80?Caley Crags
Fat Punters' Rooff6C+ **72?Whitehouses
Bancroft's RoofE2 6b 1119mAlmscliff
Last Gaspf6B+ 64mBrown Beck Crag
Dungudf6B 3?Brown Beck Crag
The GypsyE3 6a ***13310mAlmscliff
Birk Gill Wallf6B+ 11?Birk Gill Crag
Shoot to Killf6B+ 2?Great Roova Crag
Mantel Illnessf6B+ 4?Caley Crags
Pocket Rockf6B+ *834mCaley Crags
Strictly Personalf6A+ *53?Slipstones
Anniversary Aretef6B+ *146?Brimham Rocks
Saffner AreteV4+ -?Nought Bank Boulders
Plum Prowf6B *-?West Chevin Boulders
Mirky Way Kidf6B+ -?Brimham Rocks
Moss Aretef6B+ 4?Brimham Rocks
Bellyflopf6B+ 141?Brimham Rocks
Perkyf6B+ 23?Brimham Rocks
Niche Cornerf6B+ *73?Brimham Rocks
Mr Smooth sit startf6B **96?Caley Crags
Cookie Monsterf6B 4?Calf Crag
Cold CrackV4 5?Almscliff
Rock Around the BlockV4 ***24?Spofforth Pinnacles
The Flying Aretef6B **677?Almscliff
Glitterbugf6B -?Nought Bank Boulders
Crack Nosef6B 44?Lord's Seat
The Right Wingf6B *141?Almscliff
Skull Wallf6B 4?Snowden Crags
Maurice Chevalierf5+ *29?Caley Crags
Fiddlesticks 2f6C ***21?Bat Buttress
The Batf6B 5?Caley Crags
Larchbowf6B 28?Norwood
Roof of the World CD Problem 3V3 175?Caley Crags
Licence to Thrillnone 5c ***27?Little Brimham
The Hornf6B 337?Caley Crags
The Roof Dynof6B ***22?Lord's Seat
Little Gemf6B ***8?Eavestone Crag
The Glass Chipperf6B **14?Caley Crags
Hanging Flakef6B **66?Caley Crags
Broken Homef6B 10?Brandrith
Otley Wall Right-handf6B 964mCaley Crags
Otley Wall Traversef6B 2?Caley Crags
Flake Wallf6B 3?Caley Crags
The Great Flake Start (SS)f6B 2?Caley Crags
Smooth Wallf6B 24?Caley Crags
Joker's Reachf6B 138?Brimham Rocks
Dug-outf6B 704mBrimham Rocks
Backward Jf6C ***3?Clint Crags
Flipperf6B+ **73?Brimham Rocks
Niche Roof.f6B 96?Brimham Rocks
Drop Zonef6B 34mBrown Beck Crag
Smiley Dog Aretef6B 75mBrown Beck Crag
Heart of Oakf6B **106mThruscross
Backhanderf6A ***228?Almscliff
Teaspoon Variationf5+ **163?Almscliff
Strong as an Oakf6B+ *1?Thruscross
The Crucifix "Warm Up" Traversef6A+ **312?Almscliff
The Crucifix Aretef6A+ **402?Almscliff
The Stretcherf6A *129?Caley Crags
Back Wallf6A+ 12?Caley Crags
Corvus Aretef6A+ 33?Crow Crag
Otley Wallf6A **514?Caley Crags
Thin Slab Directf6B+ **31?Caley Crags
Back Stabberf6A+ *85?Caley Crags
The Scone (Slab Only)f6A+ 40?Caley Crags
Our Father's Aretef6A+ **132?Caley Crags
Steptoef6A+ **150?Slipstones
Reason and Rowanf6A+ 23?Slipstones
Green Rooff6A *23?Brimham Rocks
Cubicf6A+ **205?Brimham Rocks
Pockets WallV0 8?Spofforth Pinnacles
Jokers Wall Leftf6A+ *146?Brimham Rocks
The Princef6A+ 76?Little Almscliff
Trench Leftf6B+ 62?Brimham Rocks
Love Scoopf6A+ 18?Brimham Rocks
The Doomed Dromedaryf6A+ *14?High Crag (Stump...
Striding Edgef6A+ **4?Brimham Rocks
Gwyneth leftf6A+ -?Brimham Rocks
Bert Wellsf5+ 86?Slipstones
RaynmanE2 6a *1?West Chevin Boulders
Solitairef6A ***75?Lord's Seat
Hanging Ribf6A **261?Almscliff
Wallenderf6A 20?Simon’s Seat
Morrell's Wallf5+ ***1018?Almscliff
The South West FaceE2 5c **176mAlmscliff
Shadow of Forgotten Ancestorsf6A **3?Henstone Band
Trackside Aretef6A 40?Brimham Rocks
Note to Complyf6A 31?Lord's Seat
Princepsf6A ***6?Clint Crags
Twin Aretesf6A 85?Hunter's Stones
All Buns Blazingf6A 257mBat Buttress
Bun Fight at the OK Corralf6A 176mBat Buttress
Rainbowf5+ 46?Snowden Crags
Fingers Ribf6A+ *23?Bat Buttress
Rock Onf5+ *1254mSlipstones
Lay-byf6A+ ***2575mSlipstones
For Queen And Countrynone 5a ***7?Little Brimham
Centre Leftf5+ 138?Slipstones
Low Pebble Wallf6A *376?Caley Crags
The Cavityf6A+ 5?Caley Crags
Overhanging Ribf6A+ *405?Almscliff
The Halof6A ***11?Caley Crags
Wolfsbanef6A **2?Great Wolfrey
Twin Pocketsf5 *56?Caley Crags
Smear Arete Leftf6A *162?Caley Crags
Mr. Smoothf6A ***448?Caley Crags
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