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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Desiref6B ***8 Dec, 2023Lustleigh...
Nothing VenturedE5 6a **21 Mar, 2021Stack Rocks Area
Ultra MarineE4 6a ***21 Mar, 2021Flimston and...
General ShermanE3 5c ***21 Mar, 2021Flimston and...
Deutschland Nicht über AllesE5 6a ***21 Mar, 2021Stennis Ford
The Warsaw PactE5 6a *21 Mar, 2021Stennis Ford
Questions and AnswersE4 6a *21 Mar, 2021Stennis Ford
Vogage to the Bottom of the SeaE5 6a **21 Mar, 2021Trevallen Cliff
Dicing with GuppiesE5 6a *21 Mar, 2021Gun Cliff
Double Glazing SalesmanE5 6b ***21 Mar, 2021Gun Cliff
Big BerthaE5 6a *21 Mar, 2021Gun Cliff
The Glass BlowerE5 6b *21 Mar, 2021Gun Cliff
ManimalE5 6a *21 Mar, 2021Gun Cliff
Tiger TigerE5 6b ***21 Mar, 2021Mother Carey's...
Warp FactorE5 6b **21 Mar, 2021Mother Carey's...
Jawohl Mein FührerE5 **21 Mar, 2021The Cauldron
The Golden GunE6 6b ***21 Mar, 2021Gun Cliff
The Land That Time ForgotE5 6a ***21 Mar, 2021Mount Sion Central
The Mighty WhiteE6 6b **21 Mar, 2021Stackpole Head
Iron MaidenE4 6a **21 Mar, 2021Stackpole Head
SplendourE3 5c ***21 Mar, 2021Saddle Bay
GorakE5 6b ***20 Mar, 2021Skrinkle Haven
Mex-the-FlexE5 6b **20 Mar, 2021Lydstep Point Area
Fireball XL5E6 6b ***20 Mar, 2021Mother Carey's...
Alien World DirectE4 6a ***20 Mar, 2021Mother Carey's...
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