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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Added Timef7C *15 Jun, 2023Hope Mansel
Anarchistf7A *16 Oct, 2022The Cuttings...
Acid House Directf7B 16 Oct, 2022The Cuttings...
The Knavelf7C+ ***28 Nov, 2021Bovey Woods
Clarityf7C ***7 Nov, 2021Goitre Coed Rocks
Grunne Hollef7B+ **2 Nov, 2021Wharncliffe Crags
Old Money For Old Ropef6C 6 Jun, 2021Back Bowden Doors
Commandof7A ***6 Jun, 2021Hepburn
Rheumatologyf7A *6 Jun, 2021Hepburn
Side Gamef7A **28 May, 2021Longstone Ope
Side Game, sitf7B ***28 May, 2021Longstone Ope
Endgamef7C ***28 May, 2021Longstone Ope
The Little Gamef7C ***28 May, 2021Longstone Ope
The little game LHf7B+ **28 May, 2021Longstone Ope
Burly McMirfyf7C+ **29 Apr, 2021Peakstone Inn...
Frankensteinf7B+ 22 Apr, 2021The Cuttings...
Quillf7C+ **22 Apr, 2021Wright's Rock...
Yorkshire Teaf6C+ **13 Oct, 2020Smallacombe Rocks
The Prowf7B **13 Sep, 2020Leigh Tor
Bustach Prowf7B+ **18 Aug, 2020Clogwyn y Bustach
Sick Happy (standing start)f7A+ **18 Aug, 2020Clogwyn y Bustach
Bara Brithf7C **18 Aug, 2020Clogwyn y Bustach
Creamtimef7B ***7 Jun, 2020Lustleigh Cleave
Street Childf7C ***6 Jun, 2020Smallacombe Rocks
The Awakeningf7B **6 Jun, 2020Dimmings Dale
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