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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Grand Old MasterE1 5a **26 Aug, 2023Creag Mhor...
Gully of the GodsVI 6 ***3 Feb, 2023Beinn Bhan
A Block off the Old Chip6a *22 Nov, 2022Giggleswick North
Final Offering6b *22 Nov, 2022Giggleswick North
Boisterous Bloater6b *22 Nov, 2022Giggleswick North
GogarthE1 5b ***17 Nov, 2022Gogarth North Stack...
NightrideE1 5b **17 Nov, 2022Gogarth North Stack...
MestizoE1 5b **17 Nov, 2022Gogarth North Stack...
HombreE1 5b ***17 Nov, 2022Gogarth North Stack...
Curved RidgeHVD **17 Oct, 2022Lower Eagle
Pink LadyVS 4c ***17 Oct, 2022Lower Eagle
Multiple Pillars of PleasureHVS 5a ***17 Oct, 2022Taskra East Pillars
Tizgut CrackE1 5b ***17 Oct, 2022Tizgut Gorge (Crag...
Leaving Las VegasE1 5b ***17 Oct, 2022Adrar Umlil
Auld Lang SyneHS 4b ***17 Oct, 2022Adrar Umlil
Event HorizonHVS 5a ***17 Oct, 2022Adrar Umlil
The Lion KingHVS 5b ***17 Oct, 2022Adrar Umlil
Rock The KasbahE1 5b ***17 Oct, 2022Adrar Umlil
JawsE1 5b ***17 Oct, 2022Adrar Umlil
Six NationsVS 4c **17 Oct, 2022Adrar Umlil
The Oxford StoryVS 4b ***17 Oct, 2022Anammer Crags
JerichoVS 4c ***17 Oct, 2022Anammer Crags
Folly BridgeS **17 Oct, 2022Anammer Crags
Whither WhetherVS 4b ***31 Jul, 2022The Cobbler
YirVS 4c 21 Jul, 2022Meall an Fhir-Eoin
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