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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Slippery People E2 6a ** 2nd 08/Apr/12 Serengeti
Seams the Same E1 5b ** 2nd 08/Apr/12 Serengeti
Black Hawk Hell Crack S 4a *** 2nd 30/Mar/12 Stanage Popular
Crack and Corner S 4b *** Lead 30/Mar/12 Stanage Popular
Physiology VD * Lead 30/Mar/12 Stanage Popular
Flying Buttress HVD 4a *** Lead 30/Mar/12 Stanage Popular
Hollybush Crack VD *** 2nd 30/Mar/12 Stanage Popular
The Arete S 4a * Lead 29/Mar/12 Harborough Rocks
Trident Groove VD * Lead 29/Mar/12 Harborough Rocks
Steep Ridge VD * Lead 29/Mar/12 Harborough Rocks
Steeple Arete VD * Lead 29/Mar/12 Harborough Rocks
Pedestal Crack S Lead 29/Mar/12 Harborough Rocks
Overhanging Wall S 4b ** Lead 29/Mar/12 Harborough Rocks
Falstaff's Crack D 2nd 28/Mar/12 Burbage North
Falstaff's Chimney VD * Lead 28/Mar/12 Burbage North
Think of England M 2nd 28/Mar/12 Burbage North
Sentinel Chimney HVD 4a * 2nd 28/Mar/12 Burbage North
Bilberry Crack VD * 2nd 28/Mar/12 Burbage North
Still Orange S 4a * Lead 28/Mar/12 Burbage North
Peter's Progress VS 4c ** 2nd 28/Mar/12 Burbage North
Stoker's Wall D * Lead 27/Mar/12 Birchen Edge
Stoked S 4a * Lead 27/Mar/12 Birchen Edge
Yo-Ho Crack VD * Lead 27/Mar/12 Birchen Edge
Bell Bottom ArĂȘte S 4a Lead 27/Mar/12 Birchen Edge
Trafalgar Wall S 4b ** Lead 27/Mar/12 Birchen Edge