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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Fight on the Black f7B ** Sent 14/Sep/13 Widdop
Handy Andy's (Leach's Wall) f7A+ ** Sent 31/Aug/13 Earl Crag
Ape Hour f7A+ ** Sent 19/Aug/13 Blackstone Edge
Angus Sit Start f7B Sent 29/Jun/13 Wimberry Rocks
The Red Rose f6C+ Sent 27/Jun/13 Widdop
Hen Arete f7A Sent 09/Jun/13 Hen Stones
Pro Diablo f7A * Sent 25/May/13 Dove Stones (Jackson's Ridge)
Fontanelles f7A ** Sent 19/May/13 Clattering Stones
Early Doors f7A+ *** Sent 12/May/13 Curbar Edge
Karjala f7A - 06/May/13 Crookrise
Trench Foot f6C+ - 06/May/13 Crookrise
And For My Next Trick f7A *** Sent 03/May/13 Thorn Crag
The Proletariat f6C+ Sent 01/May/13 Ashworth Moor Quarry...
Ghetto Gun f6C * Sent 01/May/13 Ashworth Moor Quarry...
Professor Plum f6C+ ** Sent 01/May/13 Ashworth Moor Quarry...
Boggy's Roof f7B ** Sent 27/Apr/13 Scout Crag
Walking the Dog V4 Sent 07/Apr/13 Swastika Stones
Nine f7A ** - 30/Mar/13 Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
The Attitude Inspector f7A *** Sent 19/Feb/13 Burbage South Edge
Cleopatra f7A *** Sent 04/Nov/12 Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Charlotte rampling f6B+ * Sent 27/Oct/12 Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Horror Arete f6C *** Sent 27/Oct/12 Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Snakey B f6C * Sent 25/Oct/12 Wilton 1
The Nexus Dyno f6C *** Sent 25/Oct/12 Brownstones
Fish Arete f7A *** Sent 05/Oct/12 Wimberry Rocks