3rd 9a for Enzo Oddo

Those of us who thought Adam Ondra was the ultimate whizz-kid of climbing, well perhaps we need to think again, cause last week 14-year-old Enzo "Zozo" Oddo climbed his 3rd 9a in less than 2 weeks!
28 Aug: SanKuKaï, 9a, 3rd ascent (after Gabri Moroni)
4 Sept: PuntX, 9a
9 Sept: ChochoLocco, 9a, 2nd ascent
ChochoLocco, at Carros, was an old Axel Franco project, bolted back in the 90s, that was first done by Cedric Lo Piccolo in the fall of 2007. At this pace, Zozo will soon run out of hard routes unless he starts producing his own.
Photo: Enzo Oddo climbing ChochoLocco, 9a, by Phil Maurel

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