North East Outcrops

Author Neil Morrison
Published SMC (2003)
ISBN 0907521746



A diverse variety of cliffs and rock types can be found in

this comprehensive guidebook, from the sea-cliffs of the Moray Firth and Aberdeen coasts, to the semi-mountain crags of Deeside and Glen Clova and the quarries and sea-cliffs of Angus.

Many new diagrams and maps compliment significant developments at Rosehearty, Portlethen and Arbroath and there is an extensive section on bouldering.

496 pages

16 pages colour illustrations

73 maps and diagrams

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North East Outcrops SMC (1994)

Crags covered by this Guide
Aberdeenshire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Alan's Cliff20SchistSE
Alligator Ridge20GraniteE
An Cadha Dubh20GraniteSW
Arthur Fowlie19GraniteNE
Backdoor Wall, Newtonhill11SchistNE
Bass Inlet10SchistSE
Bennachie - Mither Tap3Graniteall
Berry's Loup Stack11Schist?
Berrymuir Head50Mica schistSE
Black Cove5UNKNOWNall
Black Dyke Area20DoleriteSE
Black Rock Gulch21Granite?
Black Slough13UNKNOWNN
Blowup Nose23UNKNOWNall
Bridge of One Hair17SchistNE
Brown Crag17SchistSE
Bruin Cove10GraniteE
Buchan Walls6GraniteSE
Bunstane Wall4UNKNOWNE
Burnbank's Haven10SchistS
Buzz Inlet8SchistN
Cambus O'May Quarries50GraniteSE
Car Park Crag1Granite?
Carriage Crag, Wagon Wall9UNKNOWNSE
Castle Wall2UNKNOWNE
Clashrodney North20GraniteSE
Cnapan Nathraichean5Graniteall
Coble Boards6UNKNOWNNE
Cock's Caim7GraniteN
Colsea Yawn4GraniteN
Cove Harbour Crag5GraniteN
Crabs Wall1Mica schistS
Crabs' Lair13SchistNE
Crag X (Scotland)20GraniteS
Craig Corn Arn9GraniteE
Craig Stirling56SchistNE
Cranhill Crag6UNKNOWNSE
Dead McIvor Gulch12SchistNE
Doonie Point10UNKNOWNSE
Drab Crag9GraniteSE
Dyke's Cliff11SchistNE
Findon Ness South14UNKNOWNE
Findon Shore Crag6UNKNOWNN
Flaky Buttress8GraniteS
Floors Craig42SchistSE
Fulmar Wall29GraniteSE
Graymare Slabs (Grey Mare)30GraniteE
Harbour Wall, Newtonhill36UNKNOWNS
Harper's Wall15GraniteE
Hidden Treasure Wall10GraniteSE
Inlets of the Red Rocks4GraniteN
Johns heugh21Mica schistNE
Katty's Leap90GraniteNW
Logie Head80GreywackeE
Long Slough Red Rocks15UNKNOWNN
Meackie Point20GraniteSE
Meikle Partans37GraniteSE
Mull Cleave10UNKNOWNall
North Corrie of Altduthrie1GraniteSE
North Doonies Yawn16UNKNOWNS
North Glash27Granite?
Orchestra Cave30SchistE
Pannanch Crag50GraniteS
Pass of Ballater120GraniteS
Peel Slough23SchistE
Perdonlie Inlet30GraniteS
Petrie's Hole8GraniteS
Playstation Buttress4GraniteS
Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)313Mica schistSE
Pow Kebbuck1UNKNOWNN
Promontory Wall13GraniteS
Red Band Cliff18SchistNE
Red Cliff20GraniteE
Red Wall27GraniteSE
Redhythe Point59UNKNOWNN
Robie Gow's Prison10GraniteS
Robie's Haven10UNKNOWNN
Rock Band Cliff4SchistE
Rotter's Rock10SchistE
Rownies Sclate12GraniteNE
Seal's Hole4UNKNOWNS
Seals' Cave20GraniteSE
Sickle Row20GraniteSE
Silkies Cliff13UNKNOWNSE
Smuggler's Cliff11UNKNOWNS
Souter Head63Granite?
Souter's Hole10GraniteSE
South Cove76Granite?
South Doonies Yawn1UNKNOWNS
Tangerine Point15SchistE
The Humpback39GraniteSE
The Keel11SchistNE
The Less is More Buttress5SchistS
The Little Red Tower5GraniteSE
The Long Slough31GraniteE
The Mincer Cliff5UNKNOWNS
The Outpost6GraniteS
The Pink Band Cliff3UNKNOWNE
The Red Tower Area60Graniteall
The Rockband Cliff5SchistSE
The Round Tower21GraniteNE
The Warlord Cliff6MicrograniteE
Tilly Tennant4UNKNOWNall
Tiptoe Slab7GraniteSE
Yellow Crag, Clochindare9SchistS
Yoag's Island6GraniteE
Angus crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Arbroath155Sandstone (hard)S
Balmashanner Quarry34Sandstone (hard)N
Elephant Rock30UNKNOWNE
Legaston Quarry74Sandstone (hard)E
Red Craig (Glen Clova)200DioritesW
The Red Head3BasaltNE
Fife crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Northfield Quarry4BasaltN
Moray crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Ben Rinnes6Graniteall
Covesea78Sandstone (hard)N
Cummingston259Sandstone (soft)N
Tarlair16Sandstone (hard)NW
Perthshire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Ley Quarry33Sandstone (hard)S