Northern Rock

Author YMC, NMC, Red Rose Rock, CMC
Published Wired Guides (2022)
ISBN 978-0-9515267-7-4



A 608-page select guide for the North of England covering the best trad, sport and bouldering in Yorkshire (grit and limestone), Northumberland, Lancashire, and the North York Moors. A huge selection of 3500 climbs produced by expert local volunteers.

Crags covered by this Guide
Greater Manchester crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Brownstones 208 Grit (quarried) S
Cow's Mouth Quarry 127 Grit (quarried) W
Egerton Quarry 255 Grit (quarried) ?
Summit Quarry 107 Grit (quarried) S
Wilton 1 402 Grit (quarried) NE
Wilton 2 149 Grit (quarried) ?
Wilton 3 160 Grit (quarried) ?
Lancashire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Anglezarke Quarry 191 Grit (quarried) all
Cadshaw Rocks 50 Gritstone ?
Craig y Longridge 167 Grit (quarried) SE
Denham Quarry 129 Grit (quarried) W
Trowbarrow 251 Limestone W
Troy Quarry 137 Grit (quarried) SW
Witches' Quarry 89 Limestone N
North Yorkshire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Almscliff 665 Gritstone all
Attermire Scar 405 Limestone SW
Brimham Rocks 1175 Gritstone all
Castleberg Crag 27 Limestone W
Crook Gill 2 Limestone SE
Crookrise 533 Gritstone SW
Crummackdale 70 Limestone W
Dib Scar 71 Limestone SW
Earl Crag 328 Gritstone NW
Giggleswick North 201 Limestone SW
Giggleswick South 329 Limestone SW
Gordale Scar 250 Limestone ?
Kilnsey 307 Limestone E
Langcliffe Quarry 125 Limestone SW
Malham Cove 355 Limestone S
Moughton Nab 91 Limestone SE
Park Nab 61 Sandstone (hard) W
Pot Scar 71 Limestone all
Raven's Scar 117 Sandstone (hard) N
Robin Proctor's Scar 43 Limestone S
Rylstone 511 Gritstone NW
Scugdale - Scot Crags 192 Sandstone (hard) SW
Slipstones 285 Gritstone SW
Stony Bank (Stoney Bank) 124 Limestone W
Strans gill 1 Limestone ?
Troller's Gill 124 Limestone E
Trow Gill 92 Limestone ?
Twistleton Scars 316 Limestone SE
Wainstones 215 Sandstone (hard) W
Whitestone Cliffe 62 Limestone W
Yew Cogar 36 Limestone NW
Northumberland crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Back Bowden Doors 245 Sandstone (hard) W
Bowden Doors 307 Sandstone (hard) W
Callerhues 132 Sandstone (hard) SW
Corby's Crag 126 Sandstone (soft) W
Crag Lough 107 Dolerite N
Curtis Crag 42 Sandstone (hard) NW
East Woodburn 36 Sandstone (hard) SW
Great Wanney 105 Sandstone (hard) NW
Howlerhirst Crag 29 Sandstone (hard) W
Howlerhirst Quarry 15 Sandstone (soft) all
Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out) 159 Sandstone (hard) SW
Kyloe-in-the-woods (Kyloe-In) 209 Sandstone (hard) S
Peel crag 92 Dolerite N
Ravensheugh Crag 150 Sandstone (hard) N
Sandy Crag 41 Sandstone (hard) W
Simonside North Face 110 Sandstone (hard) N
Simonside Woods 27 Sandstone (hard) NW
West Yorkshire crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Caley Crags 654 Gritstone N
Heptonstall Quarry 179 Grit (quarried) SW
Ilkley (Cow and Calf) 366 Gritstone NE
Ilkley (Rocky Valley) 179 Gritstone N
Widdop 244 Gritstone N

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