The Klondyker crux pitch
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Skye Rock ticklist

contributed by Andy Moles May/13

A go-to list of ideas for climbing on Skye. Some traditional classics, some quality recent additions and some tantalising obscurities.

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Cuillin Ridge Traverse (Summer)VD ***904?Cuillin Ridge...
Pinnacle Ridge (Summer)D ***597?Sgurr nan Gillean
Journey Into SpaceE4 5c ***-?• 2Low Crag
Black MagicHVS 5b ***-?High Crag
An Inconvenient ToothE7 6b ***2?Am Basteir
Captain PlanetE4 5c ***335mAm Basteir
Naismith's RouteVD ***22935mAm Basteir
HearthammerE3 5c ***-105m• 3Sgurr an Fheadain
What Have I BecombeE6 6b ***-?• 2Sgurr an Fheadain
ThorE4 5c **1240m• 5Sgurr a' Mhadaidh
MegatonE4 5c **1250m• 6Sgurr a' Mhadaidh
ScimitarVS 4c **-?Sgurr a' Ghreadaidh
AesculapiusHS 4b **-70m• 3Sgurr Dearg...
East Ridge (Summer)M ***109660m• 2Sgurr Dearg...
South CrackHVD ***7330mSgurr Dearg...
The Naked SaltireE2 5c ***230mSgurr Dearg...
RainmanE5 6a ***270m• 3Bealach Buttress
Dawn Grooves (Summer)HVS 4c ***5175m• 7Sgurr Mhic Choinnich
Mongoose DirectE1 5b ***1195m• 6Sgurr Mhic Choinnich
King CobraE1 5b ***32210m• 7Sgurr Mhic Choinnich
King's ChimneyVD ***35025mSgurr Mhic Choinnich
The KlondykerE1 5b ***37135m• 5Sgurr Alasdair -...
Cioch WestS 4a ***502215m• 7Sron na Ciche
Arrow RouteVD ***75861m• 2Sron na Ciche
IntegrityVS 4c ***60376m• 2Sron na Ciche
Wallwork's RouteVD ***168?Sron na Ciche
Trophy CrackE1 5b ***97?Sron na Ciche
HelenE3 6a ***240mSron na Ciche
Shangri-LaVS 4c ***59?Sron na Ciche
MagicE4 6a ***-45mSron na Ciche
SpockE3 5c ***47?Sron na Ciche
Vulcan WallHVS 5a ***16466m• 3Sron na Ciche
UhuraE3 6a ***2570m• 2Sron na Ciche
Clinging OnE4 6a ***665m• 2Sron na Ciche
DilemmaE3 5c ***11?Sron na Ciche
PocksE3 5c ***1?Sron na Ciche
Creag Dhu GroovesE3 5c ***9?Sron na Ciche
EnigmaE3 5c ***4?Sron na Ciche
The SnakeHVS 4c ***32?Sron na Ciche
Commando CrackHS ***61105m• 6Sgùrr Alasdair
The AspE2 5c **3105m• 3Sgùrr Alasdair
Con's CleftE1 5c ***1269m• 3Sgùrr Alasdair
Grand DiedreVS 4c ***44?Thearlaich-Dubh...
Pump up the Jamf6C ***58mAn Sguman
The Dubh RidgeM ***336920mThe Dubh Slabs
Paradise FoundE2 5c ***1?Coir' Uisg Buttress
ScowlE3 6a ***1120m• 4Coir' Uisg Buttress
Skye WallE7 6b ***2105m• 3Coir' Uisg Buttress
Clach Glas - Blabheinn Traverse (Summer)D ***446?Bla Bheinn
JibE1 5b *9?Bla Bheinn
Stairway to HeavenE5 6a ***17?Bla Bheinn
EcstasisHVS 5a ***390m• 3Bla Bheinn
Cuckoo WaltzE1 5b ***-?Creag Druim Eadar...
Rites of PassageE1 5b ***1?Creag Druim Eadar...
Veritas Splendour via Pure Splendour StartE1 5b ***2525mSuidhe Biorach
Jamie JampotVS 4c ***336?Suidhe Biorach
DigitalisE3 5c ***4030mSuidhe Biorach
IndiaE3 6a ***15?Suidhe Biorach
Rapid Learning CurveE6 6b ***4?Suidhe Biorach
Angel of SharknessHVS 5a ***139?Suidhe Biorach
Fertility RightS **177?Suidhe Biorach
Hairy MaryVS 4b ***194?Suidhe Biorach
Mother's PrideE4 5c ***5830m• 2Suidhe Biorach
Bengal LancerE2 5b ***540m• 2Carn Liath
The BladeHVS 4c ***1025mCarn Liath
The Electric BagpipeVS 5a ***8135mKilt Rock, Staffin
ClandestineVS 4c ***5640mKilt Rock, Staffin
Secret ServiceHVS 5a ***55?Kilt Rock, Staffin
SkyemanE2 5b **4440mKilt Rock, Staffin
GodzillaE3 6a ***1340mKilt Rock, Staffin
Edge of BeyondE2 5c ***3345mKilt Rock, Staffin
Grey PantherE1 5b ***35045mKilt Rock, Staffin
InternationaleE2 5b **6045mKilt Rock, Staffin
Road To RuinE2 5b **1245mKilt Rock, Staffin
Frisky after WhiskyE3 5c ***1145mKilt Rock, Staffin
Fe Fi Fo FumE3 5c ***445mKilt Rock, Staffin
Sheer SearE5 6a ***530mKilt Rock, Staffin
Over The RainbowE5 6b ***140mKilt Rock, Staffin
Demon LoverE4 6a 240mKilt Rock, Staffin
Captain PatienceE3 5c ***930mStaffin Slips
GorbachevE2 5b ***5645mStaffin Slips
SashaE3 5c ***940mStaffin Slips
Woman Of The EightiesE3 5c ***845m• 12Staffin Slips
Birdman of BewaldethE3 6a ***245mStaffin Slips
Fire Walk With MeE3 5c ***145mStaffin Slips
Experimental LearningE3 6a ***645mStaffin Slips
Green VoteE3 5c ***645mStaffin Slips
WildwoodE5 6a ***245mStaffin Slips
Licking NettlesE3 5c ***130mStaffin Slips
SpantasticHVS 4c 109?Flodigarry
Lucy In The SkyHVS 5a ***58?Flodigarry
HogmanayE2 5c ***-?Flodigarry
The ExitS ***-?Rubha Hunish
The Planning DepartmentVS 4c ***-?Rubha Hunish
Summer WineVS 4b ***-?Rubha Hunish
JailbreakVS 4c ***1?Rubha Hunish
WorkoutVS 4c ***-?Rubha Hunish
Willey's Last StramashE5 6a ***-?Rubha Hunish
Drifting Too Far from ShoreE8 6c ***-?Rubha Hunish
Northern LightsE2 5c **13?Rubha Hunish
Passing OutE5 6a ***-?Rubha Hunish
Whispering CrackE3 5c ***1555mRubha Hunish
21st Century Schizoid ManE4 6a ***122mBornesketaig
TripoliE2 5b ***216mBornesketaig
A Drop in the OceanE3 5c ***140mGreshornish
South Edge Direct StartVS 4b **4625mNeist
Gentleman's GrooveE1 5b ***1632mNeist
Rogues' WallE4 6a ***135mNeist
The Flying DoorE3 5c ***-40mNeist
Route With a ViewE3 6a ***235mNeist
Insider DealingHVS 5a ***159?Neist
Bridging InterestHVS 5a **15730mNeist
Security RiskE1 5b ***12430mNeist
Venture CapitalHVS 5b ***155?Neist
Piggy BankE3 5c ***5425mNeist
Hurricane HideawayE2 5c ***6930mNeist
Wall StreetE2 5c ***8230mNeist
Wish You Were HereE3 5c ***6330mNeist
Seven DaysE4 6a ***4?Neist
Fight ClubE4 6a ***1325mNeist
American VampireE4 6a ***225mNeist
BirdsongE3 5c ***335mNeist
The Man from AnkleE3 6a ***525mNeist
Golden ShowerE4 5c ***530mNeist
StonewallE4 6a ***-50mNeist
Billy BaskoHVS 5b ***-?Neist
Sore PhalangesE2 5c ***218mNeist
1 and 1 GrooveHVS 5a ***-?Neist
BarabbasHVS 5b ***1?Neist
Death PirateE6 6b ***2100mNeist
SuperchargerE3 5c **44?Neist
Cool BreezeE4 6a ***-35mNeist
Hot BlastE3 5c ***235mNeist
Grooveless Bodily HarmE4 6a ***4?Neist
Starfish EnterpriseE4 6b ***-?Neist
Inanimate Objects Fight BackE4 6a **-?Neist
Old Man & The SeaE2 5b ***-?Neist
Heavenly's PleasureE5 6b ***145mNeist
California DreamingE1 5b ***-35mNeist
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