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All the Llanberis SLATE sport @ 7a & 7a+ ticklist

contributed by Sl@te Head Sep/14

All the 7a & 7a+ Sport Climbs on Llanberis Slate.

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Boulevard of Broken Dreams7a+ *2714mAustralia
Cirith Ungol7a+ **7?Australia
Dekophobia7a 5?Australia
Great Bores of Today7a **1722mAustralia
Impact Zone7a **1116mAustralia
Mister Blister7a *1517mAustralia
Mynd am Aur7a *5315mAustralia
Narcolepsy7a+ *-22mAustralia
Road to Botany Bay7a **1415mAustralia
Rock Yoga7a+ **7318mAustralia
Slabaholics Anonymous7a+ **1627mAustralia
Slatebite7a+ **6815mAustralia
The Beanstalk .7a **2522mAustralia
The Stream of Obscenity7a *610mAustralia
Walk this way7a **2822mAustralia
Geordie War Cry7a+ ***64?Bus Stop Quarry
Toad in Toad Hall7a 310mDali's Hole
When the Winds Blows7a *1112mDali's Hole
Synthetic Life7a+ ***540mGideon Quarries
Dragon Slayer7a *118mThe Lost...
Full Metal Jack Off7a+ *130mThe Lost...
Saruman7a **330mThe Lost...
Beyond the Pail7a *324mNever Never Land
Easy for Caterpillars7a 1112mNever Never Land
Let Yourself Go!7a *1314mNever Never Land
Chinook Arete7a **923mRainbow Slab Area
Fruity Pear Gets Just Deserts7a+ 615mRainbow Slab Area
Honorary Limestone7a **822mRainbow Slab Area
L'Allumette7a **3115mRainbow Slab Area
Taken over by Department 'C'7a **13115mRainbow Slab Area
The Rock Dancer's Daughter7a+ **422mRainbow Slab Area
Y Gwaedlyd7a *34?Serengeti
Black Holes and Revelations7a **1275m• 2Twll Mawr
Black Hole Sun7a+ ***4175m• 3Twll Mawr
Green Slip7a -24mTwll Mawr
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun7a **822mTwll Mawr
Supermassive Black Hole7a ***10775m• 4Twll Mawr
Power Tool Ressurection7a *1?Vivian Quarry
Black Hole of Calcutta7a *655m• 2Twll Mawr
Tân y Ddraig7a **39180m• 6Twll Mawr
Welcome to the Machine7a **440mCalifornia
Super Slinky7a *2913mNever Never Land
Slabology7a *3125mAustralia
Øyenstikker7a *115mAustralia
Pocketeering7a+ *66mRainbow Slab Area
Doobie the Dugong7a 112mRainbow Slab Area
Fontaineslab7a *215mAustralia
Albatross7b **115mAustralia
Raise The Roof7a+ *125mAustralia
G'Day Corner7a+ *325mAustralia
72 stars9961,234m• 62