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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
King KongV10 **1 JulApron Boulders
Killa' GorillaV8 **1 JulApron Boulders
Ben's Rooff7C+ **30 Oct, 2017Raven Tor...
La Poo Assisf7C 30 Oct, 2017Burbage North
Life in a Radioactive Dustbinf6C ***30 Oct, 2017Burbage North
In the Flick of Timef8A *30 Oct, 2017Burbage North
The Jokerf8A ***24 Oct, 2017Stanage Plantation
DetoxV11 **9 Oct, 2017Curbar Edge
Early Doorsf7A+ ***9 Oct, 2017Curbar Edge
West Side Storyf7B+ ***24 May, 2017Burbage West
Flatworldf7B+ ***12 Dec, 2016Baslow Edge
Boyagerf7A+ **6 Jun, 2016Burbage North
Glass Hourf7A ***29 Apr, 2016Stanage Plantation
Breakfastf7A ***23 Mar, 2015Burbage West
Spartacusf7C *23 Mar, 2015Burbage West
Gizaf7B+ ***23 Mar, 2015Burbage North
Monochromef7B ***16 Feb, 2015Burbage North
Zaff Skoczylasf7C **16 Feb, 2015Burbage North
Brad Pitf7C ***16 Feb, 2015Stanage Plantation
Walnut Whipf7B **10 Feb, 2015Baslow Edge
Electrical Stormf7B ***10 Feb, 2015Burbage South Edge
The Terracef7C ***10 Feb, 2015Burbage North
Phasisf7C **10 Sep, 2014Bowles Rocks
Turning The Leaff7A+ **10 Sep, 2014Eridge Green Rocks
Yoda (Stand)f7A+ *5 Sep, 2014High Rocks
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