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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
AuraE2 5b ***08/Aug/17Craig Yr Ysfa
A Separate RealityE1 5a *21/Oct/14Lundy
The Road to MoscowE2 5b **21/Oct/14Lundy
American BeautyHVS 5a ***21/Oct/14Lundy
The Fifth AppendageE1 5b ***21/Oct/14Lundy
BenderE3 5c **21/Oct/14Lundy
Double DiamondHVS 5b ***21/Oct/14Lundy
DestinyE2 5c **21/Oct/14Lundy
MeninironsE1 5b **21/Oct/14Lundy
Wolfman JackE3 5c ***21/Oct/14Lundy
AristotelisE2 5b **21/Oct/14Lundy
WodwoE2 5b *21/Oct/14Lundy
HarbingerHVS 5b *21/Oct/14Lundy
CentaurHVS 5b **21/Oct/14Lundy
Formula OneHVS 5a ***21/Oct/14Lundy
The Indy 500E1 5b ***21/Oct/14Lundy
Californian AreteE1 4c ***19/Oct/14California
AardvarkHVS 5a ***19/Oct/14Gist Ddu
Atlantis/True Moments/FreebirdE2 5b ***18/Oct/14Gogarth South Stack
WendigoE2 5b ***18/Oct/14Gogarth South Stack
MousetrapE2 5a ***18/Oct/14Gogarth South Stack
The Green SlabHVS 4c *18/Oct/14Gogarth South Stack
GogarthE1 5b ***18/Oct/14Gogarth North Stack...
HombreE1 5b ***18/Oct/14Gogarth North Stack...
ScavengerHVS 5a ***18/Oct/14Gogarth North Stack...