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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Tierdropf7A+ ***26 Sep, 2020Ramshaw Rocks
Mr Meseeksf7C **15 Jul, 2020Lees Bottom
Far From the Madding Crowdf7C+ **15 Jul, 2020Lees Bottom
Spellbindf7B ***28 Jun, 2020Peakstone Inn...
The PrioryV9 ***8 Jun, 2020Craig y Longridge
Love Sculpture8a+ ***1 Jun, 2020Yew Cogar
The Spider8a ***1 Jun, 2020Chee Dale Upper
Thormen's Moth8a ***1 Jun, 2020Manifold Valley
Ecstacy8b ***29 May, 2020Kilnsey
Full Tilt8b *29 May, 2020Kilnsey
Grooved Arete8a+ ***29 May, 2020Kilnsey
Supercool8a+ ***29 May, 2020Gordale Scar
Defcon 38a ***29 May, 2020Gordale Scar
Unleashing the Wild Physique8a ***29 May, 2020Chee Dale Lower
Nemesis8a+ ***29 May, 2020Chee Dale Lower
The Renaissance Menf7B+ 16 May, 2020Wilton 4
The Maris Piper8a 11 May, 2020Potato Head
Mr Potato Head7c 11 May, 2020Potato Head
Tuber Colosis7c+ 11 May, 2020Potato Head
Burly McMirfyf7C+ **3 May, 2020Peakstone Inn...
Mirf's Rooff7C ***3 May, 2020Peakstone Inn...
Traci Lordsf7C ***3 May, 2020Coniston Bouldering
Warstarterf7B+ **3 May, 2020Coniston Bouldering
AWOL apprenticef7C ***3 May, 2020Tintagel North
Path of Daggersf7C+ 3 May, 2020Tintagel North
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