Jungle boogie, 9a+, by Stefano Ghisolfi

Stefano Ghisolfi on Jungle boogie, 9a+, Céüse, France, 82 kb
Stefano Ghisolfi on Jungle boogie, 9a+, Céüse, France
© Paolo Sartori
Stefano Ghisolfi has repeated Adam Ondra's Jungle boogie, 9a+, at Céüse, France. This was the third ascent after Adam (2012) and Sachi Amma (2015).

Stefano says this was one of his hardest routes so far and the hardest 9a+ he has ever tried and climbed. He has climbed quite a few, so he does know what he's talking about.

He needed 10 days to climb the route which requires lots of power endurance. For days he kept falling at the same cross over to a two finger pocket, and had more or less given up, but finally he stuck it and could continue to the top.


Stefano Ghisolfi is sponsored by: C.A.M.P, Cassin, E9 and La Sportiva

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