One Punch, 9a+, by Stefano Ghisolfi

Stefano Ghisolfi on One Punch, 9a+, Laghel, Arco, Italy, 88 kb
Stefano Ghisolfi on One Punch, 9a+, Laghel, Arco, Italy
© Matteo Pavana/The Vertical Eye
Stefano Ghisolfi has made the first ascent of One Punch at Laghel, close to Arco, Italy. He suggests 9a+ and adds that it's probably at the upper end of the spectrum.

Since relocating to Arco, Stefano, along with friends and visitors like Adama Ondra and Alex Megos, has began marking his territory by projecting and making first ascents.

His latest addition is One Punch:

Finally I sent my super project One Punch! I worked it for ten days and I think this is the hardest 9a+ I've ever done so far, probably close to 9b. The route is just to the left of Queen Line, and I had the fortune to have as belayer and supporter Adam Ondra that is super close to the second ascent.

The route is around 18 meters but the hard part is first 10 meters where 20 powerful moves end with a last hard dynamic move to a good tufa.

And the hardest crux is on two weird two finger pockets.

Now the Italian number one is looking forward to the Lead competition season which begins with the European Championships at  Campitello di Fassa 29-30 June.

Stefano Ghisolfi is sponsored by: C.A.M.P, Friction Labs, HRT, La Sportiva and The North Face

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