Have Five Ten ruined the NIAD Moccasyms?

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Have Five Ten ruined the NIAD Moccasyms?

Have Five Ten ruined the NIAD Moccasyms?

The Moccasym has a fairly legendary place within climbing history, having been used throughout countless cutting edge ascents throughout its long lifetime. Yet in spite of its high flying credentials, it's popularity actually came from the masses, who loved it for what it was - a comfortable, adaptable, supportive, but ultimately quite sensitive shoe.

Unfortunately, its latest incarnation, the NIAD Moccasym, feels a little like Five Ten have lost sight of what made the original Mocc so brilliant, by creating a souped up hybrid that doesn't - at least by modern standards - feel like it quite hits the mark for either modern day boulder or those fans of the original who are looking for all-day comfort.

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