New Scarpa Climbing Shoes for 2024

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New Scarpa Climbing Shoes for 2024

New Scarpa Climbing Shoes for 2024

Rob runs through the new models Scarpa are adding to their climbing shoe collection for 2024; from the all-round Spot; to the technical Origin VS that's perfect for those who are new to climbing to push their grade.

Product videos allow us to give our expert opinion on the latest outdoor products. They are provided as a service to our readers and companies that advertise with UKClimbing Ltd.

Would be great to have a summary for those of us that can't be bothered watching a review video. Dpreview went down the route of videos only and lost a load of followers...

Holy shit, it's £155 for Vapor Vs???????

The amount we publish on site - in writing - far outweighs what we do on YouTube, so we're a long way of 'videos only', and the majority of videos we produce are written up, whether that's a news report, a product review or a destination article.

In this case we didn't, partially because of time and partially because it's quite a quick overview. We haven't had a chance to use the products yet, so there's only so much we can say. Once we've had a pair on our feet properly we'll do what we always do and get a review written up and (hopefully) a video to go alongside that too.

Good stuff Rob. I guess it won't be long until you can get chat got to watch the video and summarise it...

That day can't come too soon 😂

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