The Dolomite Velocissima - superb on technical ground

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The Dolomite Velocissima - superb on technical ground

The Dolomite Velocissima - superb on technical ground

'It's hard to find fault with the Velocissima, particularly on technical ground, where it really does perform incredibly well. It's light, but not too light, and in spite of its weight still manages to provide ample support,' says Rob Greenwood.

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28 Jul, 2021

Did you have your socks on inside out Rob? :)

I bought some similar style - slightly more substantial - Dolomite shoes in the Rock and Run sample sale back in the winter, the Crodarossa. They are great, but I have found the mature of the weave material which is quite substantial on the Crodarossa is 'slippy' inside. If I wear a thin smooth sock, I find even with the laces done up snuggly, my feet can sort of rotate inside the show - for example when traversing on a steep slope. For me wearing thicker socks seems to stop this happening. Does that happen with the Velocissima at all? It might be the material is slightly softer which I guess would me they cling to your foot more? Then again I scrambled up Jacks Rake and did the slightly dodgy descent from Gimmer twice in my ones, all on the same day a couple of weeks back and they worked very well for that, so I could see these ones being really quite good to easy climb in.

That's certainly what it looks like, but I'm not sure I did. Due to the amount of heathery fell running I've been doing lately all my socks look bobbly where it's caught on the sprigs + twigs, and I think (and hope) that's what's happened here :-)

Funnily enough this was something that I was worried about, but isn't something that I found whilst in use. I suspect that the volume played a part in this, as they're pretty low profile, which definitely helps to keep your foot into place. The sock fit definitely feels snug, even without lacing, so adding in that full-length lace means that you can pretty much guarantee a good fit. The only caveat to that is that for those with wider, higher volume feet, they might just feel too snug (i.e. tight).

All that said, I haven't actually used them with super-light/super-smooth socks, so maybe that would make a difference, but I guess you always run the risk and if you want to minimise that you can always wear a slightly thicker, gripper sock (which I tend to anyway).

Not directly related, but I'm in the process of reviewing the new Scarpa Ribelle Run and have found the material used within those quite slippy. Curious to see whether they bed in, as sometimes these things take time, or if it'll require something different (i.e. lacing, socks etc...).

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