Five Ten Hiangles - A set of performance climbing shoes

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Five Ten Hiangles - A set of performance climbing shoes

Five Ten Hiangles - A set of performance climbing shoes

The Hiangle is a longstanding model in the Five Ten range. Within this video, we'll be looking at each of the three new models, released late last year: the Hiangle, Hiangle LV (low volume) and Hiangle Pro.

Look out for our in-depth review soon.

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I'm writing this review up currently, but if anyone has any questions in the meanwhile feel free to fire them over.

4 Feb, 2021

Good video! Looking forward to the full review, especially interested in how the pro's climb and whether they'll be a full on specialist shoe (i.e. total crap on anything else) or whether they're still reasonably versatile.

Clearly the current lockdown hasn't been ideal for trying them out, both indoors and out, as all the climbing walls are closed and - to make matters worse - it doesn't feel like it's stopped raining or snowing throughout the majority of 2021!

As per the video, the issue I've had so far is the fit, as the sizing is definitely different, as is the volume in/around the toe box. In terms of performance they feel pretty similar to the likes of the other no-edge shoes I've tried, insofar as they're great on more marginal terrain. The vast majority of the time you barely notice the absence of an actual edge; however, there's also some times - particularly on mediums such as Peak Lime - where an edge makes a massive difference.

It would suffice to say that whilst I've really got on with the new Hiangles, and could see myself wearing them once I've finished writing the review, I've been much more luke-warm about the Hiangle Pro, but that mostly comes down to the fit. If they fit then I suspect my thoughts re: no-edge above would apply - they'd be great for some things, less great for others.

4 Feb, 2021

Hey Rob, have you got a pair of the Pro’s that fit now? These were the ones I’m most interested in hearing about, but doesn’t feel like they’re going to get a fair shout if you could wear a pair of wooly socks inside 😄

4 Feb, 2021

I’m assuming the new hi angle is nothing like the old blue hi angles that I love?

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