Author Mark Glaister and Pete Oxley
Published Rockfax (2005)
ISBN 1-873341-90-3

This Guidebook is now out of print, and unavailable



The latest edition of the Dorset Rockfax uses full-colour photo-topos in the now-familiar Rockfax style. The set of digital shots shows the stunningly beautiful Dorset coastline at its very best and, when worked into the magnificent photo-topos, they make route identification as straightforward as possible. The book contains a similar set of venues to the 2000 Rockfax, although the Devon section (first included in 1994) makes a welcome return. All the new routes since the last book have been included, and a few new areas have been added to the traditional climbing coverage at Swanage.

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Crags covered by this Guide
Devon crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Anstey's Cove 154 Limestone S
Torbryan Quarry 46 Limestone W
Dorset crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Battleship Back Cliff 110 Limestone W
Battleship Edge 82 Limestone W
Beeston Cliff 84 Limestone E
Blackers Hole 82 Limestone S
Blacknor Beach 269 Limestone all
Blacknor Central 109 Limestone SW
Blacknor Far South 71 Limestone W
Blacknor North 130 Limestone W
Blacknor South 81 Limestone W
Boulder Ruckle 289 Limestone S
Cattle Troughs 108 Limestone S
Cave Hole 120 Limestone E
Cheyne Cliff 332 Limestone E
Coastguard North 60 Limestone W
Coastguard South 100 Limestone W
Cormorant Ledge 45 Limestone S
Dancing Ledge 179 Limestone S
Fisherman's Ledge 134 Limestone S
Guillemot Ledge 72 Limestone S
Hedbury 116 Limestone S
Lighthouse Area 410 Limestone all
Lulworth 244 Limestone S
Subluminal and Lighthouse Cliff 135 Limestone S
The Cuttings 176 Limestone SE
The Promenade 149 Limestone S
Wallsend North 147 Limestone W
Wallsend South 136 Limestone W
White Hole 70 Limestone SW

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