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South Devon and Dartmoor

Author Nick White
Published Cordee (1995)
ISBN 1-871-890-32-2


Wide-ranging, taking in everything from seacliffs to titchy inland tors (inc. bouldering). Great pictures, good crag pics with route lines overlaid; the "here be dragons" cartoons can get a bit boring and take space that could have been used improving legibility of some area guides.

Crags covered by this Guide
Devon crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Anstey's Cove149LimestoneS
Ausewell Rocks16QuartziteS
Beer Head2ChalkS
Berry Head (Coastguard Cliffs)180LimestoneS
Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)115LimestoneE
Berry Head Quarry83LimestoneN
Bigbury Bay (Bantham Hand)4ShaleW
Black Hill Boulders22Granite?
Blackingstone Quarry10Graniteall
Bolt Tail20SchistW
Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)184GraniteSW
Bulley Cleave Quarry3Limestone?
Chinkwell Tor11Graniteall
Chipley Quarry9Pillow lavaSW
Chudleigh Rocks178LimestoneS
Churston (Sea cliffs and quarries)74LimestoneN
Cod Rock8Limestoneall
Cradle Rock Buttress19LimestoneE
Crow Buttress Dewerstone6GraniteNW
Daddyhole Main Cliff42LimestoneE
Durl Head38Limestoneall
Elender Cove11SchistS
Exmouth1Sandstone (hard)?
Foggintor Quarry13Graniteall
Fur Tor16Graniteall
Gammon Head10SchistS
Great and Little Mis Tor25Graniteall
Great Links Tor14Graniteall
Greator Rocks31GraniteS
Hayne Down66Graniteall
Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low Man78GraniteW
Haytor Quarry9GraniteE
Hazard Quarry36LimestoneS
Hazel Tor6Mica schistSW
Heltor Rock21GraniteW
Hexton Quarry6LimestoneS
Holwell Quarry15Granite?
Holwell Tor19Graniteall
Hooe Lake Quarry13Limestone?
Hope Cove2ShaleW
Hound Tor193Graniteall
Kestor Rock6GraniteSW
Ladram Bay Stacks8Sandstone (soft)S
Leather Tor12GraniteE
London Bridge38Limestoneall
Luckey Tor (aka Eagle Rock)17GraniteS
Lustleigh (Sacrificial Virgin Boulder)12Granite?
Lustleigh Cleave (Harton Chest)29Granite?
Lustleigh Cleave (Ravens Rocks)58GraniteS
Lustleigh Cleave (The Nutcrackers)59Granite?
Manaton Rocks28GraniteS
Meadfoot Quarry28LimestoneSE
Morwell Rocks40SlateW
Myrtle Turtle Quarry7Granite?
Palace Quarry8Limestone?
Parsons Hole (aka Telegraph Hole)34LimestoneSE
Pilchard Cove12ShaleSE
Plimsoll Line Cliff8Limestone?
Plymouth Hoe75LimestoneS
Prawle Point16SchistS
Radford Quarry13LimestoneW
Richmond Walk14Limestone?
River Dart Rocks2LimestoneNE
Saddle Point5Limestone?
Saddle Tor59Graniteall
Sanctuary Wall32LimestoneS
Sandy Bay3Sandstone (soft)?
Seale Hayne Quarry2Limestone?
Sharkham Point15LimestoneE
Sharp Tor (Dartmoor)5Shale?
Sharp Tor (Devon coast)11SchistE
Sheeps Tor43Graniteall
Smallacombe Rocks100Granite?
Sourton Tors29Graniteall
St Anchorites Rock8Doleriteall
Steeple Cove2SchistSW
Swell Tor Quarry11Granite?
The Dewerstone153GraniteS
The Orgasmatron6GraniteS
The Parson and The Clerk2Sandstone (soft)?
Thurlstone Rock1Conglomerateall
Torbryan Quarry45LimestoneW
Vixen Tor35Graniteall
West Mill Tor2Graniteall
Westcott Rocks2Granite?
White Rock5Limestone?