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VB Challenge ticklist

contributed by MarkCunnington Apr/15

Complete 100 of the 125 VB's in the Peaks
Windgather Quarry: Arete, Right Arete are not added to the ticklist as would not list them

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
PlayVB 264mWindgather Rocks
Wrinkled Groove ArêteVB 273mWindgather Rocks
Nigel PleaseVB 244mWindgather Rocks
EZE CrackVB 193mWindgather Rocks
EZE WallVB 203mWindgather Rocks
PointVB 153mWindgather Rocks
Left Quarry CrackVB 104mWindgather Rocks
GrooveVB 45?Windgather Rocks
Dirty CornerVB 43?Windgather Rocks
Wall and ArêteVB 40?Windgather Rocks
The Sentry BoxVB 51?Windgather Rocks
Shallow CornerVB 58?Windgather Rocks
Polished StepsVB 69?Windgather Rocks
Polished Steps & OverlapVB 74?Windgather Rocks
Easy ArêteVB 41?Windgather Rocks
High StepsVB 42?Windgather Rocks
Stepped WallVB 46?Windgather Rocks
Cave DiversionVB 36?Windgather Rocks
Face RouteVB 46?Windgather Rocks
Face CrackVB 205mWindgather Rocks
Red WallVB 53?Windgather Rocks
Two Steep WallsVB 42?Windgather Rocks
Narrow EliminateVB 154mWindgather Rocks
CornflakeVB 126mWindgather Rocks
Face ClimbVB 48?Windgather Rocks
Steep WallVB 73?Windgather Rocks
Quarry TraverseVB 255?Windgather Rocks
Small OverhangVB 40?Windgather Rocks
Quarry TraverseVB 255?Windgather Rocks
Easy Crackf2+ *116?Newstones and...
Easy Slabf3 *310?Newstones and...
Tiny Crackf4 *69?Newstones and...
Flakes and Criss-Cross Dykesf3 13?Newstones and...
Mantelf4 11?Ramshaw Rocks
The Fingerf3 29?Ramshaw Rocks
Dirty CrackVB 3?Roaches Lower Tier
Boxing Gloves and Roller SkatesVB *72mRoaches Lower Tier
Easy WallVB 88?Roaches Lower Tier
Runnel Arêtef2+ *90?Roaches Lower Tier
Blind FlakeVB 64?Roaches Lower Tier
Easy Groovef2+ *103?Roaches Upper Tier
Right Slabf3 *80?Roaches Upper Tier
2Kf2+ **20?Roaches Upper Tier
K2f2+ **45?Roaches Upper Tier
Li'l Arêtef2+ 42?Roaches Skyline
Li'l Crackf2+ 115?Roaches Skyline
Slanting CrackVB 28?Roaches Skyline
Rounded Arêtef3 *167?Roaches Skyline
Slab Crackf3 47?Roaches Skyline
Crackf3 *94?Roaches Skyline
Easy Arêtef3+ *144?Roaches Skyline
Mono Slabf4+ *18?Roaches Skyline
Pinkies to Perkiesf4 **125?Roaches Skyline
Little Traversef3 14?Clifftop Boulder
BubbaV0- 10?Clifftop Boulder
Mof3 11?Clifftop Boulder
Larryf3 11?Clifftop Boulder
The Sitdown FinishVB 50?Robin Hood's Stride
Dorsal Arêtef2+ 325?Robin Hood's Stride
The Archf2+ *400?Robin Hood's Stride
Joy of Ledgef2+ *315?Robin Hood's Stride
Short ClimbVD 855mRobin Hood's Stride
Wave Slabf3 41?Robin Hood's Stride
Friar Tuckf3 7?Maid Marion's Mound
The Poorf3 8?Maid Marion's Mound
Layback FlakeVB 74mDobb Edge
Right ArêteVB 144mDobb Edge
Left Arête Left-handVB 154mDobb Edge
Heathery CrackVB 74mDobb Edge
Juggy CrackVB 84mDobb Edge
Right ArêteVB 144mDobb Edge
Left Arête Right-handVB 64mDobb Edge
1st Bay WallVB 84mDobb Edge
1st Bay ArêteVB 54mDobb Edge
Left Arête Left-handVB 154mDobb Edge
The Royal Soverin Traversef5 *92?Birchen Edge
Victor's Ledgef4 *2696mBirchen Edge
Poop CrackVD 4a 137?Birchen Edge
Bab's BumbleVB 9?Curbar Edge
Pamela's PromenadeVB 13?Curbar Edge
One Inch Arêtef3 122?Curbar Edge
Slanting Flake TraverseVB 10?Froggatt Edge
Tourist PathVB 51?Froggatt Edge
Hairpin CleftVB 41?Froggatt Edge
Bear Poof3+ 143?Froggatt Edge
Pooh Bearf4 *160?Froggatt Edge
Where?f3+ 48?Froggatt Edge
Bare Rupertf3 *83?Froggatt Edge
Rupert Bearf3 82?Froggatt Edge
Dirty Arêtef3 16?Houndkirk Tor
The Rampf5+ 15?Houndkirk Tor
Mantelf4 38?Houndkirk Tor
Sliverlitef3 3?Burbage South...
Gentle Slabf3 55?Burbage South Edge
Doggy Bulgef3+ *248?Burbage South...
Bog Standard Slabf2+ *145?Burbage South...
The Crookf3 **293?Burbage South...
Lamb Slab Rightf2+ *345?Burbage South...
Lamb Slab Leftf2+ *319?Burbage South...
Cobra Off-widthf3 504?Burbage South...
The Windmillf3 *316?Burbage South...
Straight Crackf5 19?Higgar Tor
Easy SlabVB 26?Higgar Tor
PillarVB 18?Higgar Tor
Green GrooveHVD 4b 57?Higgar Tor
Small Blunt RibVB 40?Higgar Tor
Don't Get Betweenf2+ 59?Burbage North
Cleo's Other Edgef2+ 96?Burbage North
Cleo's Slabf2+ 110?Burbage North
Easy Arêtef2+ *51?Burbage North
Ash Tree Big Slabf2+ *49?Burbage North
Eeny Arête LeftVB 76?Stanage Popular
Eeny Arête RightVB 103?Stanage Popular
Wide CrackVB 3?Carrhead Rocks
Corner CrackVB 4?Carrhead Rocks
ChimneyVB 3?Carrhead Rocks
Business Startup TraverseVB *94?Stanage Plantation
Wall End Startf4+ **147?Stanage Plantation
Bullworker Slabf3 *235?Stanage Plantation
Buckstone Wallf2+ 169?Stanage North
Buxlessf3 *107?Stanage North
Broad Slab Leftf3 *40?Stanage North
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