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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Whinstone Churchill Direct StartE3 5c **26 AprCrag Lough
On the VergeE4 5c **20 Apr, 2021Back Bowden Doors
The TubeE4 5c ***20 Apr, 2021Back Bowden Doors
Peak TechniqueE6 6b ***20 Apr, 2021Back Bowden Doors
Hen Crag ButtressIII 4 ***28 Dec, 2020Hen Crag
North East Climb (winter)V 6 ***28 Dec, 2020Pillar
Corvus (Winter)V 5 ***28 Dec, 2020Raven Crag, Combe...
Bowfell ButtressV 6 ***28 Dec, 2020Bowfell
'C' Ordinary Route (Winter)V 5 ***28 Dec, 2020Dow Crag
Arête, Chimney and Crack (Winter)V 5 ***28 Dec, 2020Dow Crag
'E' ButtressIII 3 **28 Dec, 2020Dow Crag
Eastern HammerE3 6a ***9 Sep, 2020Gimmer Crag
EquusE2 5c ***9 Sep, 2020Gimmer Crag
Spring BankE2 5c ***9 Sep, 2020Gimmer Crag
Outside Tokyo/DightE1 5b ***9 Sep, 2020Gimmer Crag
InternE1 5b ***9 Sep, 2020Gimmer Crag
Gimmer StringE1 5b ***9 Sep, 2020Gimmer Crag
DalriadaE7 6b ***19 Apr, 2020The Cobbler
The CumbrianE5 6b ***19 Apr, 2020Esk Buttress (Dow...
Short StoriesE4 6a ***22 Jan, 2020Never Never Land
Lethal InjectionE2 5c ***22 Jan, 2020Twll Mawr
Lord of the RingsE4 5c **22 Jan, 2020The Lost...
Dinorwig UnconquerableE3 5c ***22 Jan, 2020The Lost...
Great Balls of FireE4 6a ***22 Jan, 2020Rainbow Slab Area
Ride the Wild SurfE4 6a ***22 Jan, 2020Rainbow Slab Area
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