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For a big day out.

No Way out  © PanzerHanzler
No Way out
© PanzerHanzler, Oct 2010

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1st Iain Thow 90% 27 Feb, 2022
1st nickcanute 90% 21 Sep
2nd Hidden 45% 22 Oct
3rd Simon Caldwell 37% 23 Sep
4th Tom265 31% 31 Aug
5th Hidden 18% 11 Nov
6th HVDiva 2% 14 Oct, 2022
6th Hidden 2% 11 Nov

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Top 12 photos of this ticklist

Anna Pasteur enjoying the perfect winter climbing conditions

Balcony Buttress
Anna Pasteur enjoying the perfect winter climbing conditions
© Robbie Hearns

Nearly there!

Black Hawk Hell Crack
Nearly there!
© Styx

Rope below

Chockstone Direct
Rope below
© steveg

Fae looking unusually focused

Balcony Buttress
Fae looking unusually focused
© Lynn MacDougall

Stanage Sunset

Crack and Corner
Stanage Sunset
© jonathanbatty

Cameron on Amazon Crack

Amazon Crack
Cameron on Amazon Crack
© Connor Nunns

My first trad lead on Bishop's Route, Stanage Popular.

Bishop's Route
My first trad lead on Bishop's Route, Stanage Popular.
© Charlotteking

Last Climb, High Neb

Last Climb, High Neb
© Rob Jarratt

Clog feeling the stars on Balcony Buttress

Balcony Buttress
Clog feeling the stars on Balcony Buttress
© Mutl3y

Caroline near the top of Black Hawk Hell Crack

Black Hawk Hell Crack
Caroline near the top of Black Hawk Hell Crack
© Jamjar

Beautiful views from Eric's Eliminate

Eric's Eliminate
Beautiful views from Eric's Eliminate
© L Holt

Baz Belaying "Dover's Wall, Route 1"

Dover's Wall, Route 1
Baz Belaying "Dover's Wall, Route 1"
© bazthomas

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Dieppe S 4b 821 ? Stanage Popular
Ramsgate S 4b 623 ? Stanage Popular
Dover's Wall, Route 1 S 4b * 1862 12m Stanage Popular
Jon's Route S 4a 307 ? Stanage Popular
Probably Done Before S 4a 68 ? Stanage Popular
Pisa Pillar S 4a 268 ? Stanage Popular
Beads S 4a 367 ? Stanage Popular
Mistella Right S 4a * 237 ? Stanage Popular
Amazon Crack S 4a ** 2348 12m Stanage Popular
Balcony Cracks S 4a * 658 14m Stanage Popular
Balcony Buttress S 4a *** 3193 20m Stanage Popular
Upanover Crack S 4b 177 10m Stanage Popular
Little John's Step S 4b * 394 25m Stanage Popular
Little Slab S 4a 203 ? Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Chockstone Chimney S 4a * 361 18m Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Balcony Cave Direct Alternative Finish S 4b * 94 ? Stanage Popular
Robin Hood Zig-zag S 4a * 581 24m Stanage Popular
Bishop's Route S 4a *** 4248 26m Stanage Popular
Right-hand Trinity S 4b ** 4500 14m Stanage Popular
Oblique Crack S 4a * 1906 10m Stanage Popular
Garden Wall S 4a * 1357 ? Stanage Popular
Chockstone Direct S 4a * 1258 ? Stanage Popular
Wild West Wind S 4a 370 ? Stanage Popular
Jitterbug Buttress S 4a 584 12m Stanage Popular
Kirkus's Left-hand S 4b 55 10m Stanage Popular
Burgess's Variation S 4a ** 345 ? Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Hell Crack S 4a *** 6506 14m Stanage Popular
Sociology S 4a * 1997 12m Stanage Popular
Tier Climb S 4b 247 12m Stanage Popular
Cakestand S 4b * 1278 10m Stanage Popular
Cool Groove S 4a * 953 10m Stanage Popular
Crack and Corner S 4b *** 4956 16m Stanage Popular
Little Ernie S 4a 749 8m Stanage Popular
The Cristiana Swing S 4a * 496 10m Stanage Popular
Right Edge S 4a 321 9m Stanage Popular
Square Chimney Arête S 4b 416 6m Stanage Popular
The End is Nigh S 4c 36 ? Stanage Popular
Sleazy Jamming S 4b 569 5m Stanage Popular
Doctor's Dilemma S 4a 32 ? Stanage Popular
BGM's Corner S 4a 39 ? Stanage Plantation
Eden Arête S 4b * 144 ? Stanage Plantation
Nightride Corner S 4a 66 ? Stanage Plantation
Flaked Traverse S 4a 146 ? Stanage Plantation
Setsquare S 4a * 143 8m Stanage Plantation
Edgar Rice Burroughs S 4b 21 6m Stanage Plantation
Dot's Arête S 4a * 46 ? Stanage Plantation
Afterthought S 4b 133 11m Stanage Plantation
Olly Wall S 4a 44 10m Stanage Plantation
Outlook Layback S 4a * 171 8m Stanage Plantation
Shaky Gully S 4a 196 10m Stanage Plantation
Whimper S 4b 137 ? Stanage Plantation
Impure, Grey and Mildly Threatening S 4b 30 6m Stanage Plantation
Wall End Crack S 4a 354 16m Stanage Plantation
Hollybush Gully Right Direct S 4b * 587 ? Stanage Plantation
Stirrup S 3c 304 ? Stanage Plantation
Central Reservation S 4a 182 ? Stanage Plantation
Three Steps to Heaven S 4a 83 12m Stanage Plantation
Grooved Arête S 4a 44 8m Stanage Plantation
Curved Crack S 4b * 315 18m Stanage Plantation
Slanting Crack Cop-Out S 4a 47 7m Stanage Plantation
Holly Crack S 4a 65 ? Stanage Plantation
Straw Crack S 14 7m Stanage Plantation
Pinch S 4b * 336 6m Stanage Plantation
Delovely S 4a 354 8m Stanage Plantation
Prospero's Tempest S 4a * 39 12m Stanage North
Miranda's Variation S 4a 109 ? Stanage North
The Crab Crawl S 4a ** 1206 12m Stanage North
Cripple's Crack S 4a * 314 10m Stanage North
Doctor's Chimney S 4a ** 590 18m Stanage North
Niche Climb S 4b * 116 ? Stanage North
Manhattan Chimney S 4a * 134 6m Stanage North
Mars S 4a 184 8m Stanage North
Boomerang Chimney S 4a 98 6m Stanage North
Wedgewood S 4b 61 ? Stanage North
It's Scary Mary S 4a 33 ? Stanage North
Ferret's Crack S 4a 81 6m Stanage North
Two Pitch Climb S 4a 73 ? Stanage North
Flake Chimney Arête S 4a 37 ? Stanage North
Algol Corner S 4b 66 ? Stanage North
Marble Tower Flake S 4c * 122 12m Stanage North
The Reach Card S 4b 7 ? Stanage North
New Year's Eve S 4b 441 10m Stanage North
Straight Variation S 4b 33 8m Stanage North
Quadrille S 4a 200 ? Stanage North
Spectacle S 4c 93 10m Stanage North
Radox S 4b 88 7m Stanage North
The Cat Crawl S 4a 37 ? Stanage North
Beanpod S 4a 469 10m Stanage North
Cosmos S 4a 168 ? Stanage North
Erica Micra S 4a 59 ? Stanage North
Emily May S 4a 111 13m Stanage North
Ono S 4a * 1062 8m Stanage North
Side Plate S 4a 330 ? Stanage North
Eric's Eliminate S 4a * 2003 14m Stanage North
Twisting Crack S 4a ** 1491 14m Stanage North
Inaccessible Slab S 4c 338 6m Stanage North
Kelly's Variation S 4a * 1246 14m Stanage North
Limbo S 4a * 1587 14m Stanage North
Lost Soul S 4a 606 ? Stanage North
High Neb Buttress Arête S 4a * 277 12m Stanage North
It's a Cracker S 4b * 1618 12m Stanage North
Cave Buttress S 4b ** 1782 16m Stanage North
High Neb Girdle S 20 ? Stanage North
Apis S 23 ? Stanage North
Angus S 4a 66 ? Stanage North
Hold Your Breath S 4b 55 6m Stanage North
Shuffle S 4a 74 ? Stanage North
Short and Sweet S 4a 67 ? Stanage North
Teeter S 4b 36 7m Stanage North
Creepy S 4a * 187 ? Stanage North
Broken Groove S 4b * 274 10m Stanage North
Good Friday Corner S 4a 16 ? Stanage North
Bolt Buttress S 4b 69 6m Stanage North
Mycoxafloppin S 10 6m Stanage North
No Man S 4a * 75 8m Stanage North
Impostor S 4a 40 8m Stanage North
61 stars 68,063 769m 116
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