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© Mark Davis, Sep 2009

Stanage 'Difficults' ticklist

contributed by Fellover Apr/17

All the Stanage routes with 'difficult' in the grade (Diffs, HDiffs, VDiffs and HVDiffs) from the 2007 BMC Stanage Definitive. This includes routes that are referenced in the description of other routes, e.g. 'the crack just to the left is a nice Diff'.
I've not included apparent north, don't feel as if it counts somehow.

Note: Tower Face Gully/Terrace Gully is in this list, but only the second half (Terrace Gully) is in the 2007 BMC guide, the first half (Tower Face Gully) is not mentioned. I've decided to include the combined line in this list, Tower Face Gully to the belay ledge/terrace before continuing up Terrace Gully. This seems a very obvious line, allegedly the longest straight up route at Stanage and is included in the 2015 Rockfax Eastern Grit as a single (albeit two pitch) route.

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
MoveD 125?Stanage North
The RackD 188?Stanage North
The PinionHVD *72316mStanage North
The ArielVD **69616mStanage North
Prospero's ClimbVD **103212mStanage North
Miranda's VariationS 4a *82?Stanage North
KerbD 90?Stanage North
Cripple's CrackS 4a *24010mStanage North
Doctor's ChimneyS 4a **44718mStanage North
Manhattan ArêteVD 186?Stanage North
MarsS 4a 1488mStanage North
Twin CracksVD *3666mStanage North
BalanceD 330?Stanage North
ChippendaleVD 837mStanage North
ReptilianVD 47?Stanage North
Flake ChimneyD 96?Stanage North
Greenman's RouteHVD 4a 50?Stanage North
Lonely CragHVD 4a 269mStanage North
Green CrackHVD 4a 389mStanage North
Marble Tower FlakeS 4c *10212mStanage North
Kelly's CrackVD **150710mStanage North
October CrackD **132910mStanage North
Bent CrackHVD *99110mStanage North
Pull and StepVD 646mStanage North
Bow CrackVD *162?Stanage North
Jam GoodVD 998mStanage North
Heather CrackHVD 4a *3968mStanage North
Deep ChimneyVD 928mStanage North
Pleasant SlabD 186?Stanage North
Uno CrackD 8478mStanage North
Duo Crack ClimbVD *12008mStanage North
Staircase RibD 440?Stanage North
Ice Cream FlakesHVD 211?Stanage North
Warm AfternoonVD 311?Stanage North
FrostyD 6298mStanage North
YouthVD *8568mStanage North
Eckhard's ChimneyVD *25514mStanage North
Neb CornerVD 384?Stanage North
Boyd's CrackVD *97212mStanage North
Tango CrackVD *247414mStanage North
Mantelshelf ClimbVD *92314mStanage North
Little SlabVD 189?Stanage North
Cave Buttress Right-handS 4b *36012mStanage North
OsirisVD *2710mStanage North
CleggHVD 65?Stanage North
MidgeD 79?Stanage North
Gnat's SlabD 3c 104?Stanage North
The Wide CrackD 89?Stanage North
Nice OneVD 127?Stanage North
LeftVD *158?Stanage North
Corner CrackVD 74?Stanage North
Flaked OutD 65?Stanage North
CrawlyVD *174?Stanage North
Burgess CrackD *123?Stanage North
Broken ButtressVD 4a **388?Stanage North
Jenny WrenVD 488mStanage North
VulgarisHVD 18?Stanage North
Heather SlabD 4520mStanage North
CinereaHVD 22?Stanage North
TetralixD 29?Stanage North
Enclosure CrackD *187?Stanage North
Slanting ChimneyHVD 4a 7511mStanage North
Letter-BoxHVD 4a 296mStanage North
Small ChangeVD 41?Stanage North
Centurion's DexterHVD *40?Stanage North
Eden Arête ChimneyD 4a 226mStanage Plantation
Count's ChimneyD *11914mStanage Plantation
Scraped CrackVD 9610mStanage Plantation
Prickly CrackVD 219mStanage Plantation
The Better HalfVD 246mStanage Plantation
CantonD 439mStanage Plantation
ToxicD *181?Stanage Plantation
Dot's SlabD *154?Stanage Plantation
Pussy-Cat SlabHVD 4a 19?Stanage Plantation
Dry CrackD 54?Stanage Plantation
Flute ChimneyVD 43?Stanage Plantation
WafftiVD 4711mStanage Plantation
Ladder CracksVD *4438mStanage Plantation
Jammed Stone ChimneyHD 65?Stanage Plantation
Doesn'tneedaweedHVD 306mStanage Plantation
ChequeHVD 4a 797mStanage Plantation
Helfenstein's StruggleHVD 4a **46116mStanage Plantation
Hollybush Gully RightVD **55020mStanage Plantation
Spur Slab Left-handHD 47?Stanage Plantation
Spur SlabD 28012mStanage Plantation
Stirrup ArêteD 2511mStanage Plantation
Stirrup CornerD 2111mStanage Plantation
Central ReservationS 4a 128?Stanage Plantation
Lead FreeHVD 12?Stanage Plantation
Tower Face Gully/Terrace GullyVD 25?Stanage Plantation
Compost CornerD 738mStanage Plantation
Gardener's CrackD *502?Stanage Plantation
Poor PizzaD 274?Stanage Plantation
Mercury CrackVD *76?Stanage Plantation
Walking on IceS 4b 345mStanage Plantation
Horn CornerVD 366mStanage Plantation
Flake GullyD 26312mStanage Plantation
Paradise LostD 131?Stanage Plantation
Paradise CrackHVD 4a **98114mStanage Plantation
Sand GullyD *72910mStanage Plantation
Left Pool CrackD 2218mStanage Plantation
Right Pool CrackVD 2978mStanage Plantation
Modesty ChimneyD 118mStanage Plantation
CannonD *177?Stanage Plantation
O.D.G's ChimneyVD 688mStanage Plantation
Capstone ChimneyS 4b *7210mStanage Plantation
Holly CrackS 4a 53?Stanage Plantation
The Spare RibVD 9?Stanage Plantation
Rib ChimneyVD *9814mStanage Plantation
Chockstone ChimneyHVD 3c **29618mStanage Plantation
Curving ChimneyVD **30716mStanage Plantation
Pillar ArêteVD *5326mStanage Plantation
JammyD 2856mStanage Plantation
DelicacyHVD 4a 2506mStanage Plantation
Accessory ChimneyVD 4a 15810mStanage Plantation
PalermoVD 2186mStanage Plantation
Pal JoeyVD *4676mStanage Plantation
A Black YingM 151?Stanage Popular
NewhavenD 7456mStanage Popular
Wing Buttress GullyD *29512mStanage Popular
Wing WallVD 386?Stanage Popular
The NaysD 160?Stanage Popular
Obviously Done BeforeVD 75?Stanage Popular
Private ChimneyD 11710mStanage Popular
Green ChimneyVD 8910mStanage Popular
Corner CrackD 273?Stanage Popular
Recess RIbVD *2758mStanage Popular
Viridescent CornerHVD 53?Stanage Popular
Hidden CrackVD 126?Stanage Popular
Verandah ButtressHVD 5b *76214mStanage Popular
Verandah Cracks LeftVD 4008mStanage Popular
Verandah Cracks RightD 3708mStanage Popular
Turf CrackVD *4198mStanage Popular
Little Tower ChimneyD 96?Stanage Popular
Little Tower Chimney RightVD 699mStanage Popular
Narrowing ChimneyD 1428mStanage Popular
Devil's ChimneyVD **50712mStanage Popular
Heaven CrackVD ***438910mStanage Popular
Mississippi ChimneyVD *124118mStanage Popular
Fallen Pillar ChimneyVD 12012mStanage Popular
Fairy Castle CrackVD 37912mStanage Popular
Fairy ChimneyD *50912mStanage Popular
The FlueHVD 4a *32514mStanage Popular
Balcony CornerVD *30210mStanage Popular
Crack and CaveHVD 4a **113618mStanage Popular
Left Twin ChimneyD **86014mStanage Popular
Right Twin ChimneyVD *97914mStanage Popular
AwlHVD 3c *63912mStanage Popular
BeeVD *122712mStanage Popular
Robin Hood's CrackVD 4a 6?Robin Hood's Stride
Tea-leaf CrackHVD 4a *26016mStanage Popular
Robin Hood's Cave GullyD 349?Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Balcony Cave DirectHVD *34816mStanage Popular
Robin Hood's StaircaseVD 50810mStanage Popular
Stringer VariantHVD 4a 417mStanage Popular
Stringer ChimneyVD 617mStanage Popular
Boot CrackHVD *7988mStanage Popular
ShuffleVD *599?Stanage Popular
Twin CracksVD *48612mStanage Popular
Flake ChimneyHVD *36616mStanage Popular
Pedestal ChimneyD *66914mStanage Popular
Oblique CrackS 4a *146710mStanage Popular
Straight ChimneyVD 97310mStanage Popular
Albert's AmbleHVD 185?Stanage Popular
Hollybush CrackVD ***566614mStanage Popular
Leaning Buttress IndirectVD *71316mStanage Popular
The Bishop's MoveVD *174?Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress CrackVD **313714mStanage Popular
Scrappy CornerD 267?Stanage Popular
Flying Buttress GullyD 57814mStanage Popular
Flying ButtressHVD 4a ***686124mStanage Popular
Jitterbug Buttress CracksVD 4712mStanage Popular
Black Hawk TowerVD 4a *19424mStanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse LeftVD **326218mStanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse RightD **117316mStanage Popular
PhysiologyVD *210012mStanage Popular
AnatomyVD 166312mStanage Popular
Tier ClimbS 4b 18112mStanage Popular
Grotto SlabM *243512mStanage Popular
Capstone ChimneyD *8368mStanage Popular
Recess WallHVD *65210mStanage Popular
Right Wall RouteHVD *73110mStanage Popular
Black ChimneyD *3648mStanage Popular
Small CrackVD *16698mStanage Popular
Mantelpiece ButtressD *11998mStanage Popular
Mantelpiece RightHVD 7128mStanage Popular
Button WallHVD 8056mStanage Popular
Monkey CrackVD 4a *8186mStanage Popular
Square Buttress CornerD 6076mStanage Popular
Fire CurtainVD 6518mStanage Popular
The Be All and End AllVD 5837mStanage Popular
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