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All the Stanage routes with 'difficult' in the grade (Diffs, HDiffs, VDiffs and HVDiffs) from the 2007 BMC Stanage Definitive. This includes routes that are referenced in the description of other routes, e.g. 'the crack just to the left is a nice Diff'.
I've not included apparent north, don't feel as if it counts somehow.

Note: Tower Face Gully/Terrace Gully is in this list, but only the second half (Terrace Gully) is in the 2007 BMC guide, the first half (Tower Face Gully) is not mentioned. I've decided to include the combined line in this list, Tower Face Gully to the belay ledge/terrace before continuing up Terrace Gully. This seems a very obvious line, allegedly the longest straight up route at Stanage and is included in the 2015 Rockfax Eastern Grit as a single (albeit two pitch) route.

Black Hawk area  © Fidget
Black Hawk area
© Fidget, Mar 2011

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Katie preparing a belay on a blustery evening on Black Hawk Traverse

Black Hawk Traverse Left
Katie preparing a belay on a blustery evening on Black Hawk Traverse
© Siwoodward

Flying Buttress, Stanage

Flying Buttress
Flying Buttress, Stanage
© stuart100

Soaking up the sun on a golden hour ascent of Flying Buttress.

Flying Buttress
Soaking up the sun on a golden hour ascent of Flying Buttress.
© Emma Crome

Flying over Flying Buttress

Flying Buttress
Flying over Flying Buttress
© mmmhumous

Unknown climber soloing Verandah Buttress at Stanage, a perfect mid-week after work session.

Verandah Buttress
Unknown climber soloing Verandah Buttress at Stanage, a perfect mid-week after work session.
© Dan Matthewman

Anna Hammond enjoying The Pinion, Stanage End

The Pinion
Anna Hammond enjoying The Pinion, Stanage End
© Paul Evans

Jen Following in her late fathers footsteps.

Eckhard's Chimney
Jen Following in her late fathers footsteps.
© Jim Walton

Sunset top out

Flying Buttress
Sunset top out
© lynx0907

More on Physiology

More on Physiology

another great day at Stanage

Flying Buttress
another great day at Stanage
© Drewster - BAD SELLER

Syv empathises with Helfenstein

Helfenstein's Struggle
Syv empathises with Helfenstein
© sarahlizzy

Peak Grit

The Pinion
Peak Grit
© Deltona

Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Move VD 150 ? Stanage North
The Rack D 214 ? Stanage North
The Pinion HVD * 853 16m Stanage North
The Ariel VD ** 844 16m Stanage North
Prospero's Climb VD ** 1254 12m Stanage North
Miranda's Variation S 4a 104 ? Stanage North
Kerb D 103 ? Stanage North
Cripple's Crack S 4a * 303 10m Stanage North
Doctor's Chimney S 4a ** 558 18m Stanage North
Manhattan Arête VD 226 ? Stanage North
Mars S 4a 182 8m Stanage North
Twin Cracks VD * 428 6m Stanage North
Balance D 384 ? Stanage North
Chippendale VD 103 7m Stanage North
Reptilian VD 52 ? Stanage North
Flake Chimney D 121 ? Stanage North
Greenman's Route HVD 4a 58 ? Stanage North
Wetness Wall VD 53 ? Stanage North
Lonely Crag HVD 4a 31 9m Stanage North
Green Crack S 4a 53 9m Stanage North
Marble Tower Flake S 4c * 120 12m Stanage North
Kelly's Crack VD ** 1862 10m Stanage North
October Crack D ** 1649 10m Stanage North
Bent Crack HVD * 1213 10m Stanage North
Pull and Step VD 77 6m Stanage North
Bow Crack VD * 200 ? Stanage North
Jam Good VD 134 8m Stanage North
Heather Crack HVD 4a * 490 8m Stanage North
Deep Chimney VD 107 8m Stanage North
Pleasant Slab VD 247 ? Stanage North
Uno Crack D 1028 8m Stanage North
Duo Crack Climb VD * 1501 8m Stanage North
Staircase Rib D * 539 ? Stanage North
Ice Cream Flakes HVD 268 ? Stanage North
Old Man D 23 8m Stanage North
Warm Afternoon VD 418 ? Stanage North
Frosty D 796 8m Stanage North
Youth VD * 1112 8m Stanage North
Eckhard's Chimney VD * 314 14m Stanage North
Neb Corner VD 473 ? Stanage North
Boyd's Crack VD * 1175 12m Stanage North
Tango Crack VD * 3095 14m Stanage North
Mantelshelf Climb VD * 1174 14m Stanage North
Little Slab VD 290 ? Stanage North
Cave Buttress Right-hand HS 4b * 447 12m Stanage North
Osiris VD * 32 10m Stanage North
Clegg HVD 77 ? Stanage North
Midge D 91 ? Stanage North
Gnat's Slab D 141 ? Stanage North
The Wide Crack D 125 ? Stanage North
Nice One VD 171 ? Stanage North
Left VD * 213 ? Stanage North
Corner Crack VD 101 ? Stanage North
Flaked Out D 81 ? Stanage North
Crawly VD * 223 ? Stanage North
Burgess Crack D * 147 ? Stanage North
Broken Buttress HVD 4a ** 506 ? Stanage North
Jenny Wren VD 66 8m Stanage North
Vulgaris HVD 25 ? Stanage North
Heather Slab D 52 20m Stanage North
Cinerea HVD 29 ? Stanage North
Tetralix D 35 ? Stanage North
Enclosure Crack D * 224 ? Stanage North
Slanting Chimney S 4a * 83 11m Stanage North
Letter-Box HVD 4a 34 6m Stanage North
Small Change VD 50 ? Stanage North
Centurion's Dexter HVD * 49 ? Stanage North
Eden Arête Chimney D 4a 28 6m Stanage Plantation
Count's Chimney D * 144 14m Stanage Plantation
Scraped Crack VD 121 10m Stanage Plantation
Prickly Crack VD 34 9m Stanage Plantation
The Better Half VD 34 6m Stanage Plantation
Canton D 54 9m Stanage Plantation
Ruler HVD 29 8m Stanage Plantation
Toxic D * 241 ? Stanage Plantation
Old Slob VD 66 10m Stanage Plantation
Dot's Slab D * 198 ? Stanage Plantation
Pussy-Cat Slab HVD 4a 26 ? Stanage Plantation
Dry Crack D 71 ? Stanage Plantation
Flute Chimney VD 56 ? Stanage Plantation
Waffti VD 62 11m Stanage Plantation
Ladder Cracks VD * 560 8m Stanage Plantation
Jammed Stone Chimney HD 72 ? Stanage Plantation
Doesn'tneedaweed HVD 34 6m Stanage Plantation
Cheque HVD 4a 96 7m Stanage Plantation
Helfenstein's Struggle HVD 4a ** 595 16m Stanage Plantation
Hollybush Gully Right VD ** 684 20m Stanage Plantation
Spur Slab Left-hand HD 56 ? Stanage Plantation
Spur Slab VD 327 12m Stanage Plantation
Stirrup Arête D 28 11m Stanage Plantation
Stirrup Corner D 25 11m Stanage Plantation
Central Reservation S 4a 173 ? Stanage Plantation
Lead Free HVD 17 ? Stanage Plantation
Tower Face Gully/Terrace Gully HVD 66 ? Stanage Plantation
Compost Corner D 89 8m Stanage Plantation
Gardener's Crack D * 609 ? Stanage Plantation
Poor Pizza D 331 ? Stanage Plantation
Mercury Crack VD * 86 ? Stanage Plantation
Walking on Ice HS 4c 48 5m Stanage Plantation
Horn Corner D 55 6m Stanage Plantation
Flake Gully D 330 12m Stanage Plantation
Paradise Lost D 164 ? Stanage Plantation
Paradise Crack HVD 4a ** 1197 14m Stanage Plantation
Sand Gully D * 909 10m Stanage Plantation
Left Pool Crack D 266 8m Stanage Plantation
Right Pool Crack VD 353 8m Stanage Plantation
Modesty Chimney D 16 8m Stanage Plantation
Cannon D * 224 ? Stanage Plantation
O.D.G's Chimney VD 82 8m Stanage Plantation
Capstone Chimney HS 4c * 91 10m Stanage Plantation
Holly Crack S 4a 63 ? Stanage Plantation
The Spare Rib VD 17 ? Stanage Plantation
Rib Chimney VD * 114 14m Stanage Plantation
Chockstone Chimney HVD 4a ** 373 18m Stanage Plantation
Curving Chimney HVD ** 402 16m Stanage Plantation
Pillar Arête VD * 692 6m Stanage Plantation
Jammy D 375 6m Stanage Plantation
Delicacy HVD 4a 304 6m Stanage Plantation
Accessory Chimney VD 4a 207 10m Stanage Plantation
Palermo VD 272 6m Stanage Plantation
Pal Joey VD * 605 6m Stanage Plantation
A Black Ying D 236 ? Stanage Popular
Newhaven D 951 6m Stanage Popular
Wing Buttress Gully D * 375 12m Stanage Popular
Wing Wall D 490 ? Stanage Popular
The Nays D 231 ? Stanage Popular
Obviously Done Before HVD 106 ? Stanage Popular
Private Chimney D 159 10m Stanage Popular
Green Chimney VD 124 10m Stanage Popular
Corner Crack D 357 ? Stanage Popular
Recess RIb D * 399 8m Stanage Popular
Viridescent Corner HVD 83 ? Stanage Popular
Hidden Crack VD 157 ? Stanage Popular
Verandah Buttress HVD 5b ** 831 14m Stanage Popular
Verandah Cracks Left VD 507 8m Stanage Popular
Verandah Cracks Right D 451 8m Stanage Popular
Turf Crack VD * 572 8m Stanage Popular
Little Tower Chimney D 161 ? Stanage Popular
Little Tower Chimney Right VD 127 9m Stanage Popular
Narrowing Chimney D 180 8m Stanage Popular
Devil's Chimney VD ** 560 12m Stanage Popular
Heaven Crack VD *** 5584 10m Stanage Popular
Mississippi Chimney VD * 1494 18m Stanage Popular
Fallen Pillar Chimney VD 144 12m Stanage Popular
Fairy Castle Crack VD 456 12m Stanage Popular
Fairy Chimney D * 660 12m Stanage Popular
The Flue HVD 4a * 399 14m Stanage Popular
Balcony Corner D * 371 10m Stanage Popular
Crack and Cave HVD 4a ** 1433 18m Stanage Popular
Left Twin Chimney D ** 1136 14m Stanage Popular
Right Twin Chimney VD * 1248 14m Stanage Popular
Awl HVD 3c * 811 12m Stanage Popular
Bee VD * 1600 12m Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Crack VD 4a 8 ? Robin Hood's...
Tea-leaf Crack HVD 4a * 319 16m Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Cave Gully D 426 ? Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Balcony Cave Direct HVD * 422 16m Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Staircase VD 592 10m Stanage Popular
Stringer Variant HVD 4a 58 7m Stanage Popular
Stringer Chimney VD 81 7m Stanage Popular
Boot Crack HVD * 954 8m Stanage Popular
Shuffle VD * 749 ? Stanage Popular
Twin Cracks HVD * 583 12m Stanage Popular
Flake Chimney HVD * 465 16m Stanage Popular
Pedestal Chimney D * 844 14m Stanage Popular
Oblique Crack S 4a * 1826 10m Stanage Popular
Straight Chimney VD 1149 10m Stanage Popular
Albert's Amble HVD 283 ? Stanage Popular
Hollybush Crack VD *** 6929 14m Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress Indirect VD * 858 16m Stanage Popular
The Bishop's Move VD * 247 ? Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress Crack VD ** 3907 14m Stanage Popular
Scrappy Corner D 378 ? Stanage Popular
Flying Buttress Gully D 679 14m Stanage Popular
Flying Buttress HVD 4a *** 8189 24m Stanage Popular
Jitterbug Buttress Cracks VD 71 12m Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Tower HVD 4a * 231 24m Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse Left VD ** 4009 18m Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse Right D ** 1431 16m Stanage Popular
Physiology VD * 2566 12m Stanage Popular
Anatomy VD 1961 12m Stanage Popular
Tier Climb S 4b 242 12m Stanage Popular
Grotto Slab M * 2963 12m Stanage Popular
Capstone Chimney D * 1084 8m Stanage Popular
Recess Wall HVD * 804 10m Stanage Popular
Right Wall Route HVD * 916 10m Stanage Popular
Black Chimney D * 461 8m Stanage Popular
Small Crack VD * 2040 8m Stanage Popular
Mantelpiece Buttress D * 1503 8m Stanage Popular
Mantelpiece Right HVD 900 8m Stanage Popular
Button Wall HVD 1068 6m Stanage Popular
Monkey Crack VD 4a * 1009 6m Stanage Popular
Square Buttress Corner D 756 6m Stanage Popular
Fire Curtain VD 769 8m Stanage Popular
The Be All and End All VD 711 7m Stanage Popular
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