Empire 7b
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contributed by Yossarian Sep/19

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Empire of the Sun7b+ ***53523mAnstey's Cove
Just Revenge7c+ **13020mAnstey's Cove
Avenged7c+ ***8425mAnstey's Cove
Avenged Direct8a **2625mAnstey's Cove
Not Just Empire7c **6826mAnstey's Cove
Empire Direct7b+ **9523mAnstey's Cove
Mayday6c ***62520mTorbryan Quarry
Barney Rubble7a+ ***54622mTorbryan Quarry
Thread Flintstone7b ***47422mTorbryan Quarry
Threadbare7c+ **10722mTorbryan Quarry
Heathen Man7b **8020mAnstey's Cove
Leather Whip Mick8a **5220mAnstey's Cove
Leather Whip Mick (Empire Finish)8a **720mAnstey's Cove
Oozy in My Pocket7c *2022mAnstey's Cove
Machine Gun Funk7a+ *2020mAnstey's Cove
The Cider Soak8a ***15314mAnstey's Cove
How the Mighty Fall7a+ **13822mAnstey's Cove
La Crème7c+ ***3616mAnstey's Cove
The Lynch7b+ ***12412mAnstey's Cove
Coral Sea6c **1442?Brean Down
Chepito7a **117117mBrean Down
Seven Months Later7c 115?Cheddar Gorge North
Pearl Harbour7a ***126215mBrean Down
Tide Rising7b+ **463?Brean Down
Black Snake Moan8a **108?Brean Down
Chulilla7b+ ***484?Brean Down
Prisoner of Conscience7b+ *157?Brean Down
The Guilt Edge7c **57?Brean Down
Bullworker7c **193?Brean Down
El Chocco7c ***201?Brean Down
The Root of Inequity7a+ **402?Brean Down
Storm Warning7c+ ***173?Brean Down
Smashing of Amps7c+ ***4526mSplit Rock (Milton...
Chain Reaction7b+ **530mSplit Rock (Milton...
Queen Anne's Men6c **48220mWinspit
Solstice7a+ **72?Winspit
Avenging the Halsewell7b ***21020mWinspit
Ancient Order of Freemarblers7a **26320mWinspit
Billy Winspit7b **10820mWinspit
Peppercorn Rate7a **39220mWinspit
Unseen Ripples of the Pebble6a+ **83720mWinspit
Insanely Yours6c+ *7120mWinspit
Jargon Eater6b+ *31720mWinspit
I Thought You Had It!7a **122?Winspit
Gallows' Gore7a **10420mWinspit
Red Rain6c+ ***43620mWinspit
Pump Me Tenderly6c+ *32820mWinspit
The Vixen Bitch from Hell7a+ *4820mWinspit
Dick Dastardly7a+ *2820mWinspit
Card of Hearts7a+ *2920mWinspit
Chrissy6c **12920mWinspit
Chick Power7c **9?Winspit
Revhead's Hi-roller7b+ **2320mWinspit
Damnation Game7a+ **7620mWinspit
Frightened of the Sun7b+ *1820mWinspit
Disbelief Suspended7b+ **3720mWinspit
Disbelief Reinvented7c **920mWinspit
Mental Stealth Act7c ***225mWinspit
Souls of Mischief7c+ **18?Winspit
The Pizza Express7c+ **418mWinspit
Lunacy Booth7c ***6920mWinspit
Happy Feet7c **620mWinspit
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