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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
MoonrakerHVS 5a ***11/Oct/06Berry Head (The Old...
PranaE3 5c ***01/Oct/06Black Crag...
Grand AllianceE4 6a ***01/Oct/06Black Crag...
The White WizardE3 5c ***28/Sep/06Scafell Crag
Bloody SundayE4 6a ***22/Sep/06Huntsman's Leap
Sai DancingE3 6a **23/Aug/06Holyhead Mountain
The EchoesE3 6a *23/Aug/06Holyhead Mountain
Bran FlakeE2 5b **23/Aug/06Holyhead Mountain
VulcanE4 6a ***23/Aug/06Craig Pant Ifan...
Anyone for StennisE2 5b *23/Aug/06Stennis Head
Master BlasterE2 5b **23/Aug/06Misty Wall
Bon VoyageE2 5b ***23/Aug/06Misty Wall
AeroVS 5a **23/Aug/06Crickmail Point
B-Team ButtressE1 5b **23/Aug/06Crickmail Point
ZeppelinE3 5c ***23/Aug/06Mother Carey's...
String of PearlsE1 5b **23/Aug/06Bosigran
KafoozalemE3 6a ***23/Aug/06Bosigran
BeowulfE2 5c **23/Aug/06Bosigran
The GhostE3 5b ***23/Aug/06Bosigran
Bishop's RibE1 5b ***23/Aug/06Chair Ladder
Super VisionE3 5c **23/Aug/06Chair Ladder
The GrooveE2 5c **23/Aug/06Chair Ladder
DioceseVS 5a ***23/Aug/06Chair Ladder
Test CaseE3 5c ***23/Aug/06St. Govan's Head
LunakhodHVS 5a ***23/Aug/06Lower Sharpnose...