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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
River Monsterf7A ***16 JanWallowbarrow Gorge...
The Warriors of HanumanE5 6b ***27 Nov, 2021Guisecliff
Weaver's WallE3 5b **17 Nov, 2021Running Hill Pits
ChameleonE4 6a ***17 Nov, 2021Hen Cloud
Headstonef6B 8 Oct, 2021Pex Hill Quarry
BasilicaE5 6b ***30 Sep, 2021Cathedral...
The Torture GardenE6 6b **30 Sep, 2021Warton Main Quarry
Dreaming of Red Rocks7a+ ***18 Sep, 2021St. Bees Head
Shallow Gravef7A+ **19 May, 2021Trowbarrow
Topless Skateboarding Nun7a+ **14 Apr, 2021Frogsmouth Quarry
Shangri-LaE5 6b **14 Apr, 2021Ruin Bank Woods
Tales of Yankee PowerE5 6a ***6 Apr, 2021High Tor
Cave ArĂȘte IndirectE1 5b **2 Mar, 2021Laddow
AyeE7 6b **25 Jan, 2021Creag Dubh...
Master of RealityE6 6c ***10 Jan, 2021Hen Cloud
Le Mandarin (droite)f7A **18 Nov, 2020Roche aux Oiseaux
God ForbidE4 6b **16 Nov, 2020Roche Rock
Pressure DropE3 5c ***18 Oct, 2020Spekes Mill Mouth...
Block and TackleE6 6b **9 Sep, 2020Higgar Tor
ChameleonE4 6a ***9 Sep, 2020Stanage Popular
UsurperE4 6a ***9 Sep, 2020Curbar Edge
Get Some InE5 6a ***28 Jul, 2020St. Govan's...
De ProfundisE5 6a ***24 May, 2020Flaystones
AnthraxE3 6a **21 May, 2020Hen Cloud
The Hauntingf6C ***17 May, 2020Eavestone Crag
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